Strong Job Fit

Focus on Your People for Strong Job Fit

It seems common sense to have the right people in the right jobs. Yet too often the opposite is true. And the result is poor team productivity, reduced motivation and limited resilience. Why do we need strong job fit and how do we achieve it? Strong job fit simply means that you have the right

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Managing change

Managing Change – There’s No Going Back

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but still more change for organisations to manage while we move towards it. Are there any organisations out there who haven’t experienced a huge shake up in the last twelve months? Some have coped well, perhaps because they learned how to adapt in the wake of

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structured leadership development

The Need for Structured Leadership Development

There’s just one thing more important than leadership development, and that’s structured leadership development. It’s easy to say we must develop our leaders. Buy in a bit of coaching here, a psychometric tool there, pop the leadership candidates on a management skills course and believe that hey presto! You have a leader. The truth is,

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organisational health

Create The Right Environment For Organisational Health

Organisational health – some might view this as a technical term bandied around alongside values and initiatives. Too vague to tackle or wide-ranging to implement. Yet, when broken down into its parts, it’s full of common sense that benefit any organisation of any size or sector. So, what is organisational health and how do you

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actions for 2021

Your Top 4 Actions for 2021

A new year gives the ideal launchpad from which to take a good look at what your organisation needs for success in the coming months. We’ve highlighted 4 key areas where any organisation can make improvements that will deliver substantial and sustainable results. Action 1: Recruit Right & Develop Well To say 2020 brought about

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Holst Book List

The Holst Christmas Book List & Christmas Closing Dates

We want you to take a much needed break this Christmas. Hopefully you’ll be able to spend it with your loved ones and also take the opportunity to give yourself a little space to rest, reflect and perhaps read one of our Team Holst book recommendations … Holst Office Christmas & New Year Closing Dates

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ready to hire

2021 – Are You Ready To Hire?

Okay, we haven’t even got to Christmas yet, but that doesn’t mean that anyone should take their foot off the pedal. 2021 is going to be a challenge, and you had better be ready for it. After what has been the biggest, hardest and quickest reset ever, the next challenge will be the biggest, hardest

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christmas cheer with EI resilience and motivation

Maintain Christmas Cheer with EI, Resilience & Motivation

In any other year we’d be horrified to see trees going up and lights going on in November. But this year is different. We need some cheer, and Christmas can’t come soon enough. We can safely say that we’ve all reached Covid19-fatigue. Lockdown #2 in England comes to and end this week, to be followed

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Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation

Fairer Leadership with Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation

People are complex. Seldom is an individual all ‘bad’. Most are inherently reasonable people, who either get into a rut of poor behaviour or cope badly with extreme pressure. Fortunately, anyone can improve with self-awareness and emotional regulation. Hot on the heels of number ten departures last week, it was the turn of the Home

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managing conflict

Managing Conflict with Awareness and Regulation

The recent departure of senior advisors from Number 10 highlights the difficulties leaders have in managing conflict within their teams. While Cummings and Cain have left in the glare of the media spotlight, most workplace conflict is altogether less high octane. Conflict in the workplace ranges from a stubborn refusal to collaborate to a boardroom

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