Matthew Johnson - Tileflair

Testimonial | Matthew Johnson, Tileflair Ltd

We talk to Tileflair Ltd’s CEO Matthew Johnson: How Holst supports Tileflair Ltd to recruit and retain the right people. We talk to Matthew Johnson, CEO of Tileflair Ltd: How Holst supports Tileflair to recruit and retain the right people to build effective workplace culture. Matthew shares how Holst supports Tileflair to: ► Develop

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Testimonial | Lorraine Metcalf, Quantexa

We talk to Lorraine Metcalf (Chief People Officer): How Holst supports Quantexa to build effective workplace culture. We talk to Lorraine Metcalf, Chief People Officer at Quantexa: How Holst supports Quantexa to build effective workplace culture. “Working with Holst has been TRANSFORMATIONAL”💥 Lorraine shares how Holst supports Quantexa: ► Overcome challenges to successful talent

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transform your workplace culture

Testimonial | Sarah Moore & Rachel Jones, Autosmart

We talk to Sarah Moore (Franchise Manager) and Rachel Jones (Head of People): How Holst supports Autosmart to build effective workplace culture. Sarah and Rachel share how Holst supports Autosmart: ► Get maximum value from their investment in McQuaig ► Get leadership buy-in to the McQuaig tools for recruitment, onboarding and development ► Develop

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mcquaig case study

Case Study: Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health

McQuaig provides real-world team development and recruitment solutions at Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health When Lesa Levett, Head of Administration and Finance at Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health approached us to find out how McQuaig  could make a difference in her organisation, of course we were delighted. To

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invest in your teams

Invest in Your Teams for Peak Performance, Retention and Growth

Your teams are the powerhouses of your organisation. Invest in your teams wisely to keep them fully fuelled and operating smoothly. To say that teams work at their best when the people in them get along well, is hardly rocket science. Yet it’s an aspect of team development that is rarely considered. People are hired

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leadership ROI

Invest Wisely In Your Leaders To Maximise Leadership ROI

Maximise your leadership ROI – strategically develop your leaders to see a return on your long-term investment in them. Last time we looked at how organisations can improve their ROI in the recruitment process. Of course, the costs do not end there. You have invested heavily to secure the right candidate who has the right

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recruitment ROI

Use Assessments for Recruitment ROI

The right tools save time and money in the recruitment process, deliver good recruitment ROI and put your organisation in the best possible position to take post-pandemic opportunities. We understand that it’s a daunting task to overhaul the recruitment process. Especially if that process has been in place for some time. Especially if you’re new

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Refine Your Recruitment with Better Benchmarking

Fine-tune your hiring process with accurate and robust job role benchmarking. Poor hiring decisions are costly and disruptive. There is always an element of uncertainty to any new hire or internal recruitment decision. However, establishing a robust benchmark process for your job roles will reduce the risk of being wildly off target. Job role benchmarking

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