the flowprofiler®️ is what we call ‘the big one’, with good reason.

This ground-breaking online normative assessment measures emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation in the workplace across an incredible 18 dimensions.

What is the flowprofiler®?

the flowprofiler® is the combination of eqflow®, resilienceflow® and motivationflow® in one unique and powerful tool. The assessment offers a new way to identify the strengths of your candidates, teams and leaders.

It draws on the latest research in emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation in the workplace. It measures individuals and teams both day to day and under pressure. It gives unparalleled rich insights in your people and helps them to find their personal and professional flow.

Why is flowprofiler® important?

Motivation, resilience, social and emotional intelligence are all important in the workplace. Organisations that look to develop in the areas of strong leadership, focusing on the future, creating a resilient culture and looking to the future have strong foundations from which they can develop.

the flowprofiler® gives leaders and L&D professionals the data they need to help people identify their strengths, where they can develop and most importantly how they can develop. Often, the smallest adjustments can have the biggest impact in workplace relationships.

The benefits of using flowprofiler®️

the flowprofiler®️ covers an incredible 18 dimensions (traits) and generates 4 reports in one tool. This gives users all the information they need in their journey towards personal excellence. Choose from advantage training with eqflow, motivationflow and resilienceflow to delve into your results and discover even greater depths to your insights.

The tool represents an organisation’s long-term commitment to the professional development of it’s teams, individuals and leaders. In a competitive recruitment market, it marks an employer out as one that is dedicated to the enrichment of its people. 

the flowprofiler®️ is easy to use. Launch it from, a clear and flexible platform that integrates with other professional development software via API.

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