Successful onboarding

The Three Stages of Successful Onboarding

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s workplaces, successful onboarding starts before you even list your job. Miss the mark, and you lose out on talented people who deliver results. HR professionals, as architects of the employee experience, play the most crucial role in ensuring that new hires seamlessly assimilate into the company culture and contribute

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Conflict free workplace

Nurturing Conflict-Free Workplaces

In today’s workplace landscape, effective leadership means more than task management; it’s about cultivating a united and productive team. The key? Blending emotional intelligence and resilience into a strategy that nips conflicts in the bud. These skills empower leaders to adeptly navigate human interactions, forging an environment ripe for collaboration. Effective leaders play a crucial

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destination employer

Reach Up: Be A Destination Employer

Set your sights high. Be the destination employer everyone wants to work for. From quiet quitting to the great resignation, the outlook on talent retention might appear bleak. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Over the years have you scanned the annual top 100 UK companies to work for and (a) wished your

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hire for potential

Be Bold: Hire For Potential

Do you struggle to find the right mix of experience, personality and power skills? If so, it’s time to be bold, and hire for potential. Nobody wants to hire a square peg for a round hole. But what if you could identify those, who with a little work and time, can lose their ‘pointy corners’

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develop perseverance

Develop Perseverance To Thrive In The VUCA World

Develop perseverance to thrive through uncertainty. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. But is it really that simple? Perseverance is one dimension of our personal resilience. flowprofiler® defines perseverance as: The ability (or skill) to bounce back To be persistentTo deal with what is in front of you Thrive through uncertainty

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people pressures

Spend Less Time On Your People Pressures

Help line managers to spend less time resolving intra-team disputes and give them more time to achieve their objectives. Do your line managers feel like workplace referees? Settling internal disputes, dishing out yellow cards? Unwilling to deliver a red card for the good of the team? Do your teams pull together like the Lionesses, or

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Team Holst getting together

The Importance of Getting Together

Last week Team Holst travelled from near and far to spend time together, reconnect and remember what makes our team strong. Like many SMBs, Team Holst has changed since our last full company day in 2019. We lost some valued team members and onboarded new starters. Getting together to solidify new relationships is vital to

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mcquaig masterclass

The McQuaig Masterclass – Thursday 22 September 2022

Join us at our Bix Manor base close to Henley-on-Thames for a day of all things McQuaig, recruitment and professional development. REGISTER HERE Network with your HR and senior leadership peers. Discuss the trends and challenges facing recruiters and HR professionals today. Share your wins with the wider HR family. The Holst team will unveil

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team development strategy

Strong Teams Work Together To Deliver Innovative Outcomes

Bring depth and strength to your team development strategy with Holst. “The top three fears holding back corporate innovation were fear of criticism, fear of uncertainty, and fear of negative impact on one’s career, McKinsey research found. Yet nine out of ten companies are doing nothing to relieve these fears.” McKinsey & Company – Fear

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recruit for motivation

How To Recruit For Motivation

Understand what motivates your candidates to make accurate and effective hiring decisions. Motivation plays a huge part in how well your new hire will perform in their role. But how do you find out if what motivates them matches what the job and your organisational culture offer? What is motivation? You need to understand what

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