Recruit and develop resilient teams and leaders, ready to bounce back, manage and thrive under pressure.

Use resilienceflow® to:

  • Thrive during periods of uncertainty
  • Challenge work practices
  • Have a positive impact on others
  • Reduce burnout
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Hire for resilience

What is resilienceflow®?

resilienceflow®️ highlights an individual’s most over and underused dimensions in the workplace. It measures these dimensions both day-to-day and under pressure. It is user friendly, engaging and designed to be positive professional development.

The assessment generates four reports: Development, Management, Interview and Candidate.

The reports outline the individual’s potential assets and developmental considerations. This invites the individual to consider how they might regulate these dimensions in future. Individuals should look at resilienceflow®️ as a long term partner in their journey towards greater personal resilience and personal excellence.

resilienceflow®️ forms one-third of flowprofiler®️ and also is available as a standalone assessment from the flowprofiler®️ platform.

resilienceflow®️ is a normative online psychometric assessment that measures resilience in the workplace across six dimensions (traits).

Why is resilienceflow® important?

Resilience is fundamental to the success of any organisation. The ability to adapt to new challenges and embrace change is crucial. Individuals who have good resilience in the workplace have an optimistic outlook and make a positive impact on those around them.

It’s not only a vital quality in a leader, but also in teams. When people work together objectively and rationally, they are more likely to persevere through the difficult times to reach outcomes that will benefit the organisation and achieve personal excellence in an effective workplace.

emotional intelligence advantage resilienceflow

The benefits of using resilienceflow®️

The ability to build resilience is a skill that will serve you well in an increasingly stressful work world. And companies stand to benefit from a more resilient workforce. Building an organisational culture that encourages and supports resilience training just makes good business sense.

Rich Fernandez

Resilient individuals manage change effectively and value new experiences. They develop and sustain a positive mindset that enables them to embrace professional development and further grow their personal resilience.

resilienceflow®️ helps individuals and teams to understand their resilience and how to further develop it. Organisations who value resilience benefit from happier, healthier and more productive teams. Stress is a significant factor in absence from work. Building resilience in your people will help them to better manage stress and grow their personal grit.

Strengthen the resilience in your organisation with the workshop ‘the resilience advantage with resilienceflow®‘.

Dive even deeper into workplace resilience with our leadership, teams and recruitment programmes, available bespoke to your development framework.

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