New in 2019, flowprofiler® is a truly ground-breaking assessment tool which measures social and emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation in the workplace from an adaptable platform.

Driving personal excellence in the workplace

flowprofiler® helps to develop self-aware individuals who are inclined to self-regulation in order to behave in an appropriate manner, regardless of what is thrown at them.

flowprofiler® approaches emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation as abilities. With training and coaching individuals can develop and improve these abilities in the pursuit of the ultimate state of positive engagement.

The story of flowprofiler® starts with a definition of flow: the neurobiology of excellence. Flow can also be thought of as finding your groove or being stretched but not stressed. Flow is positive, personal and powerful. Small changes to your self-awareness can make a big impact in your personal resilience.

Everyone can find their own flow with the flowprofiler® family of assessments, training and coaching. Everyone can discover personal excellence.

The flowprofiler® family

Driving personal excellence in the workplace 

the flowprofiler® is the combination of eqflow®, resilienceflow® and motivationflow®. Also available as standalone assessments.

Why choose flowprofiler® ?

Develop personal excellence in the workplace

Personal excellence is the very cornerstone of the flowprofiler® family. When individuals aspire to achieve personal excellence they are on their journey towards the ultimate state of positive engagement. With flowprofiler®, individuals have the insights they need to develop their personal excellence.

Be ahead of the curve

New to the market in 2019, flowprofiler® offers validity, ease of use and insights like no other assessment. It looks to the future of professional development and supports sustainable organisational initiatives.

Bespoke to you

You can use the  flowprofiler® family however best fits your organisation. Use  flowprofiler® as a whole or choose the assessment(s) that meets your needs. You pay only for the tool you use.

Clear and flexible platform

The flowprofiler® platform allows you to add and access other recruitment and professional development software that has an API. This includes other online assessments and applicant tracking systems. Customise your flowprofiler® dashboard in line with your priorities

Key features of flowprofiler®

  • provides deep insights into emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation
  • Centred on positive, engaging and relevant professional development concepts
  • 4 easy to read reports for each assessment: management, development, interview and candidate
  • takes job-fit to the next level with deeper insights on your candidate’s strengths and motivations
  •® is a flexible and easy to use point of access platform for your related software via API
  • works on any device – wherever you have internet access, you have flowprofiler®
  • fulfils the requirements of full test validity and research

Use the flowprofiler®️ family to create an effective workplace

An effective workplace is supported by Strong Leadership, Resilient Culture, Focus on People and Future Looking.

Strong leaders are self-aware, self-regulated and able to build effective workplace relationships. They are motivated and resilient and able to engage their teams in the pursuit of a common organisational goal.

Organisations with a resilient culture will not just survive, but also thrive. The individuals that make up the organisation have the tenacity to innovate and work with confidence, even in challenging times.

When an organisation focuses on its people it creates a culture where mature-behaving people are valued as the norm. Stronger job-fit ensure that the right people with the right are in roles that suit them, leading to happier and stable teams.

People who are optimistics, adaptable, self-sufficient and motivated respond well to change and look to the future. This ensures the organisations is fit, ready and looking to the future.

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