McQuaig Self Development Survey®

The McQuaig Self Development Survey® is a self-development plan and coaching tool which creates a comprehensive development plan based on an individual’s natural temperament.

What is the McQuaig Self Development Suvey®️?

The McQuaig Self Development Survey® measures a core part of an individual’s personality – temperament. Temperament is the manner in which a person naturally prefers to behave inside, and outside, work.

The McQuaig Self Development Survey® is a stand-alone development plan which measures natural behaviours, focuses on strengths, and creates an action plan. Use it with or without a coach or formal training sessions to work on an individual’s strengths and areas for development.

Use the McQuaig Self Development Survey® to find out what motivates an individual. The natural next step is to attend Effective You!, a workshop which walks individuals through their own personally tailored Self-Development Survey®.

The benefits of using McQuaig Self Development Survey®️

The McQuaig Self Development Survey® helps your people to identify what they are naturally good at – their strengths. The McQuaig Self Development Survey® creates a simple action plan to work through. It provides a chart from which people select strengths which are critical to their success and want to optimise to improve performance.

The McQuaig Self Development Survey® will enable your people to improve performance and increase their increase job satisfaction. It provides a vehicle to develop talent through career coaching and professional development.

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