Our Assessments

The right assessment can be a game-changer when it comes to hiring, retaining and developing the right people.

Gain amazing insights that will help you to make better people decisions with McQuaig and flowprofiler®.

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What types of assessments are there?

There are two areas of assessment:

  • Personality questionnaires which measure core aspects of personality.
  • Ability tests which measure reasoning and various aspects of intelligence.

These tools help organisations make better decisions about people. Assessments help reduce hiring manager mistakes and help line managers develop and motivate their teams. Our assessments enable organisations to reduce employee turnover, increase revenue, and boost morale.

Our portfolio will meet the needs of your business. In a competitive candidate market, we enable you to catch the talent that your organisation needs. The tools capture the essential personality insights needed to help make your hiring decisions and professional development plans. User friendly for all users and candidates, our assessments are easy to administer and supported with professional training for Interpreting the results.

Holst Assessments

flowprofiler®️ is a collection of assessments that measure emotional and social intelligence, motivation and resilience in the workplace. 

The flowprofiler® family helps individuals discover their personal excellence. We offer training workshops and coaching to support the flowprofiler®️ assessments.

Holst is the sole UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for the flowprofiler®️ family.

McQuaig measures temperament, both a person’s innate natural behaviour and their behaviour in the workplace. Its easy-to-read reports enable hiring managers to make good hiring decisions and conduct best practice interviews.

We run extensive in house and public workshops to support McQuaig users to get the best out of their investment.

Holst is the sole EMEA distributor of McQuaig.

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