eqflow®️ is a normative online assessment that measures emotional and social intelligence in the workplace across five dimensions (traits). 

  • Regards for Others
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Self-Confidence
  • Emotional Regulation

What is eqflow® ?

eqflow®️ highlights an individual’s most over and underused dimensions in the workplace. It measures these both day-to-day and under pressure. It is user friendly, engaging and is designed to be positive professional development.

The assessment generates four reports: Development, Management, Interview and Candidate.

The reports outline the individual’s potential assets and developmental considerations. This invites the individual to consider how they might regulate these dimensions in future. Individuals should look at eqflow®️ as a long term partner in their journey towards greater self-awareness and personal excellence.

eqflow®️ forms one-third of flowprofiler®️ and also is available as a standalone assessment from the flowprofiler®️ platform.

Why are emotional intelligence and social intelligence important?

Individuals who have good emotional and social intelligence in the workplace are inclined to regulate their emotions and actions towards others. This means they are more likely to behave in a way that is appropriate in the workplace.

These are the sort of people we all want to work with. They are most likely to be positively engaged and actively developing their own state of personal excellence.

The benefits of using eqflow®️

Organisations who value emotional intelligence and social intelligence in the workplace typically witness increased personal effectiveness in their people. Individuals develop strong work relationships and show enhanced well-being and resilience.

Good emotional intelligence and social intelligence is also key to strong leadership. We no longer expect or want leaders to run roughshod over their teams. A leader who is emotionally consistent and considerate will encourage maximum productivity from their people in a positive and healthy way.

Dive even deeper into your emotional and social intelligence with the workshop ‘the emotional intelligence advantage with eqflow®‘.

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