McQuaig Job Survey®

The McQuaig Job Survey is an online tool which allows the user to create the ideal personality profile for a specific job role. 

What is the McQuaig Job Survey®️

The McQuaig Job Survey® is an online tool which allows the user to create the ideal personality profile for a specific job role. Peers and managers contribute to the creation of a profile of the ‘ideal candidate’ for the role. They identify behaviours which they believe are critical to success in the role. It can be further adjusted to meet specific business needs.

The tool delivers six reports which help recruiters and hiring managers to identify the best possible matches from their candidate pool. When used consistently across an organisation, it can create a benchmark for every role in that organisation. It is easy to periodically re-evaluate Job Survey profiles to ensure job behaviours match current and future organisational needs.

The benefits of using McQuaig Job Survey®️

The main benefit of the McQuaig Job Survey® is that it gives recruiters a benchmark against which they can measure their candidates. It takes away bias and the influence of ‘gut feel’ when identifying potential candidates in the hiring process. Interviewers can be more accurate in selecting who they invite for interview, saving time and reducing the risk of a ‘bad hire’.

The McQuaig Job Survey® Report is easy to read and use. Recruiters have valuable insights into the role. It even givers the opportunity to challenge preconceptions about what that role or the organisation may actually need.

The report gives the recruiter behaviour based reference checking questions that specifically relate to the role. This helps to identify how the candidate has behaved in similar past situations.

When used with the McQuaig Word Survey®, the McQuaig Job Survey® is a very valuable and powerful tool. It helps to keep the recruitment and selection process focused on organisational need, rather than individual bias.

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