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Three Reasons to Start Working with Holst Now

Create a strong organisational culture with motivation, resilience and self-awareness. “Creating a strong company culture isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do, and it makes your company better for all stakeholders – employees, management and customers.” Julia Hartz, co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite Tweet Reason #1 – Motivation and engagement to go

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Development programmes

New Development Programmes for your HR Framework

Bring an innovative approach to your strategy for leadership and team development, recruitment and succession planning with Holst’s new development programmes. Strong workplace relationships are the glue that binds teams, their leaders and new recruits together. Even the strongest relationships benefit from intervention over time to develop and adjust as people move around an organisation.

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new from holst

All New for Autumn from Holst

Inject fresh energy into your leadership, team, recruitment and succession planning strategies with new development programmes from Holst. The pandemic has given the chance to review and refresh how we recruit, develop and retain the people who can drive organisations forward with vigour, innovation and purpose. The era of burning the candle at both ends

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Better Workplace Wellbeing

Improve Emotional Intelligence for Better Workplace Wellbeing

The time has come for a new approach to better workplace wellbeing. One based on emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation to manage wellbeing at work. University of Cambridge research shows that classes for stress management, relaxation and mindfulness are ‘not satisfactory’ for solving issues of worker wellbeing. It goes on to conclude that short-term programmes

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authentic communication

Develop Emotional Intelligence for Authentic Communication

We believe that improving emotional intelligence is a prerequisite of a successful strategy to improve authentic communication skills. Recent research shows that over 17% of businesses list communication skills as their top skill for improvement. This sits alongside nearly 7% who list emotional intelligence (EQ) as their top of the list skill. However, perhaps this

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return from furlough team

The Final Furlough Furlong

The furlough scheme comes to an end on 30th September. This poses questions for organisations still bringing their people back to work. The generation gap Figures from The Resolution Foundation show that younger workers are coming off the scheme at a faster rate than their older colleagues, with 10% of workers over 65 parked on

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outstanding teams

Create, Sustain and Celebrate Outstanding Teams

Understanding and communicating with each other creates the strong relationships which are the backbone of effective, productive and outstanding teams. We recently saw a pair of terrific teams at work in the Euro 2020 final. Both were very different. One was older with the confidence of experience, the other younger and greener with the confidence

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leadership burnout

Leadership Burnout

We face a crisis in leadership. We’ve talked about it for years but it often gets swept aside as too big to tackle. That crisis is leadership burnout. Recent research shows that around 50% of leaders are considering quitting their roles. On top of this, we hear that Tesla CEO Elon Musk hates his job.

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Gareth Southgate

Leadership & Teams: The Southgate Approach

Missing that penalty has been part of Gareth Southgate’s life for 25 years. But the experience has given him the insight to lead and the drive to develop. “The things you go through in life shape the way you want to deal with people”. Gareth Southgate The word ‘want’ is key. This is a choice,

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flowprofiler case study

flowprofiler® for teams – the Waterfield case study

Written for teams and easy to use, the flowprofiler® team reports can be used in team sessions, for benchmarking and team profiling. We talked to Waterfield about their experience of flowprofiler® assessments, team reports and facilitated sessions. The flowprofiler® Case Study: Waterfield Fiona Nuttall – The Setting The team took the resilienceflow® assessment during the

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