regard for others

flowprofiler® dimension labs | Regard for Others

A dimension of social intelligence, having regard for others, is a crucial team skill. Discover more about what it means to have regard for others with flowprofiler® dimension labs. Alongside social awareness, regard for others is a dimension of social intelligence, which is key to the development of and maintaining strong workplace relationships. It seems

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Key Leadership Skills

7 Key Leadership Skills and How to Develop Them

Equip your leaders with these seven key leadership skills to push forward sustainable growth and drive productivity across your organisation. The leadership development process should aim to produce talented leaders to take over senior positions within an organisation as they become vacant. This succession planning identifies high-potential candidates for advancement. It not only encourages better

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Develop Strong Leaders with Emotional Awareness and Regulation

Develop Strong Leaders with Emotional Awareness and Regulation

Strong leaders are self-aware, self regulated and able to build strong workplace relationships with their teams and stakeholders. Strong leaders are not dictators. Nor are they distant, unapproachable or untrusting. In order to achieve success, organisations need their leaders and teams to work together – to be truly collaborative to find solutions in challenging times.

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Introducing flowprofiler® Dimension Labs

Introducing flowprofiler® dimension labs

Take the time to reflect on and develop your personal effectiveness across emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation with flowprofiler® dimension labs. What are dimensions? Think of dimensions as the elements which make up a person’s emotional intelligence, resilience or motivation. Emotional intelligence: self-confidence, emotional awareness, emotional regulation, regard for others, social awareness. Resilience: perseverance, self-esteem,

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Iain & Jo

Twelve Months in Review with Holst’s Leadership Team Iain & Jo

As we approach the anniversary of the first UK lockdown, Holst’s MD, Jo Emmerson and Chair, Iain Chalmers look back on what was a turbulent twelve months. It’s almost a year to the day that the Holst team left our office and moved to remote working. The official work from home order didn’t come into

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Develop Your Dimensions_ Emotional Awareness & Emotional Regulation

Develop Your Dimensions: Emotional Awareness & Emotional Regulation

As the lockdown eases, many organisations look to a return to the workplace. From hospitality through to banking, leisure to technology, workplaces will return to life. But how will people feel on their return, and what can organisations do to smooth the transition? The post-furlough challenge Almost a year ago, we closed down our office

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creativity in the workplace

Everyday Creativity in the Workplace

Let’s Think Differently: Help your teams and leaders find innovative solutions fit for the post-Covid era with everyday creativity in the workplace. Creativity in the workplace is not just for the creative types You know the ones: the arty ones or the super-sociable ones. In the workplace, creativity is in all of us – it

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Strong Job Fit

Focus on Your People for Strong Job Fit

It seems common sense to have the right people in the right jobs. Yet too often the opposite is true. And the result is poor team productivity, reduced motivation and limited resilience. Why do we need strong job fit and how do we achieve it? Strong job fit simply means that you have the right

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Jo Emmerson Paul McClatchie

Jo Emmerson talks to Paul McClatchie of Engage People – Part 2

In the second part of her conversation with Engage People’s Paul McClatchie, Holst MD Jo Emmerson talks about using McQuaig during the recruitment process. WATCH THE VIDEO Read: Focus on Your People for Strong Job Fit In the first part of their conversation, Jo and Paul discussed the ‘human experiment’ of the last year, the

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