focus on emotional intelligence in the workplace

Why You Should Focus on Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

As organisations bring their teams back together amidst a cost of living crisis, strong workplace relationships based on emotional intelligence are more important than ever. Let’s start at the top. Why do we recommend that you focus on emotional intelligence in the workplace? The short answer is that you (the HR community) told us to.

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difficult leaders

Dealing With Difficult Leaders

Leaders can both make AND break an organisation at the same time. So how can their teams learn to cope and even manage upwards? If we ask you to think of the stereotypical difficult leader, one of the first that is likely to spring to mind would probably be Elon Musk. Utterly brilliant with unparalleled

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oneserve case study

Case Study: Oneserve and flowprofiler®

How Oneserve uses flowprofiler® to build resilience, develop motivation and drive success across the organisation. As a long-time client of ours, we were delighted when Kim Crump at Oneserve explained that she wanted to address resilience in the workplace. We felt confident that flowprofiler®, a psychometric tool which measures emotional intelligence and motivation as well

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emotion in the workplace

When Emotion In The Workplace Goes Too Far

When the pressure mounts, emotions can bubble beneath the surface. All it takes is one innocuous comment for the tension to explode. Yes, we are thinking about that Will Smith-Chris Rock moment which has gone down in television history. Two high-profile figures in a very public spat that will go onto define them for years

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invest in your teams

Invest in Your Teams for Peak Performance, Retention and Growth

Your teams are the powerhouses of your organisation. Invest in your teams wisely to keep them fully fuelled and operating smoothly. To say that teams work at their best when the people in them get along well, is hardly rocket science. Yet it’s an aspect of team development that is rarely considered. People are hired

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self confidence training

Free flowprofiler® Power Skill Series: dimension lab® – Self Confidence

Join us 12-1pm on Monday 16th May for self confidence training and development, with instantly applicable takeaways. What is self confidence? Self confidence consists of a set of emotional intelligence skills that are important to develop strong workplace relationships. Individuals with these skills are able to: Be self assured in their demeanour Contribute and add

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leadership ROI

Invest Wisely In Your Leaders To Maximise Leadership ROI

Maximise your leadership ROI – strategically develop your leaders to see a return on your long-term investment in them. Last time we looked at how organisations can improve their ROI in the recruitment process. Of course, the costs do not end there. You have invested heavily to secure the right candidate who has the right

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recruitment ROI

Use Assessments for Recruitment ROI

The right tools save time and money in the recruitment process, deliver good recruitment ROI and put your organisation in the best possible position to take post-pandemic opportunities. We understand that it’s a daunting task to overhaul the recruitment process. Especially if that process has been in place for some time. Especially if you’re new

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collaboration at work

Coach For Collaboration At Work

Coach your leaders to be less command-control to encourage collaboration at work throughout your organisation. Sharing the load reduces burnout. Yet, leaders will often struggle to ‘let in’ their teams. There is a perception of a strong leader who strides through an organisation, appearing in control and unruffled by challenge. They don’t need help! The

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Refine Your Recruitment with Better Benchmarking

Fine-tune your hiring process with accurate and robust job role benchmarking. Poor hiring decisions are costly and disruptive. There is always an element of uncertainty to any new hire or internal recruitment decision. However, establishing a robust benchmark process for your job roles will reduce the risk of being wildly off target. Job role benchmarking

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