effective teams

Create Effective Teams that Deliver High Performance and Productivity

Holst’s Master Trainer Sara Jobson explains how to develop effective teams across your organisation – where to start, how to do it and what to measure. Great teams don’t just happen, says Sara. Poor teamwork is the silent assassin in the workplace. It undermines workplace effectiveness, the attainment of organisational objectives and business goals. As

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Iain & Jo

Twelve Months in Review with Holst’s Leadership Team Iain & Jo

As we approach the anniversary of the first UK lockdown, Holst’s MD, Jo Emmerson and Chair, Iain Chalmers look back on what was a turbulent twelve months. It’s almost a year to the day that the Holst team left our office and moved to remote working. The official work from home order didn’t come into

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Jo Emmerson Paul McClatchie

Jo Emmerson talks to Paul McClatchie of Engage People – Part 2

In the second part of her conversation with Engage People’s Paul McClatchie, Holst MD Jo Emmerson talks about using McQuaig during the recruitment process. WATCH THE VIDEO Read: Focus on Your People for Strong Job Fit In the first part of their conversation, Jo and Paul discussed the ‘human experiment’ of the last year, the

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Jo Emmerson Paul McClatchie

Jo Emmerson talks to Paul McClatchie of Engage People

Holst MD Jo Emmerson recently spent 30 minutes in conversation with Engage People’s Paul McClatchie. Engage People specialises in the financial sector and uses McQuaig assessments with their clients. WATCH THE VIDEO Paul McClatchie, founder of Engage People,  recently undertook McQuaig interpreter training with us and as you will hear, is a keen advocate of

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workplace wellbeing culture

Do You Have a Workplace Wellbeing Culture in Your Organisation?

Wellbeing and mental health at work have been the hot topics of the last year. As we peer around the corner towards fewer restrictions, it’s important to keep employee wellbeing on the priority list. Employee wellbeing feeds into all other organisational initiatives. It’s fundamental to organisational resilience, health and engagement. Leaders who are not burnt

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team skills training

Improve Your Workplace Culture With Better Team Skills

Teams must have a strong portfolio of multiple interpersonal skills to create and maintain a healthy workplace culture. When we think of team-building and training, memories of raft-making on muddy river banks may spring to mind. Fortunately that’s not how we approach team development at Holst. Let’s look at workplace skills training that actually benefits

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workplace culture

What Makes a Healthy Workplace Culture?

Work on your workplace culture with stronger professional relationships and teams that work well together, day to day and under pressure. What is Workplace Culture? A workplace culture is the shared values, belief systems, attitudes and the set of assumptions that people in a workplace share. Definition – Dr Pragya Agarway, 2018 While the

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flowprofiler series

The flowprofiler® Series – Driving Excellence at Work

With greater emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation, teams and individuals are able to maintain morale, increase engagement and generally help the organisation be a much healthier workplace. The last twelve months have seen huge change to workplace dynamics, continuing uncertainty and unprecedented pressure because of a pandemic that few had planned for. While it might

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Employee engagement

Everyday Employee Enagement

Employee engagement shouldn’t be just for the Christmas party, it’s for every day of the whole employee lifecycle. What is an Engaged Employee? “One who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work. They take positive action to further the organisation’s reputation and interests. They have a positive attitude towards the organisation and its

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Employee Value Proposition

5 Fundamental Ways to Develop Your Employee Value Proposition

Now might seem an odd time to evaluate your Employee Value Proposition, but if you leave it to the upturn, you’ll be behind the curve. What is the Employee Value Proposition? “A set of associations and offerings provided by an organisation in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences that an employee brings to the

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