The Accidental Manager

How To Develop The ‘Accidental Manager’

The ‘accidental manager’ finds themselves in a managerial position not necessarily due to their expertise in leadership or management, but rather due to other circumstances. ‘82% [of those surveyed] are ‘accidental managers’ and a third don’t have formal management training’. Chartered Management Institute, 2023 These circumstances could include factors such as: Popularity: They may be well-liked

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identify top performers

How To Solve The $8.8 Trillion Engagement Problem

Employee disengagement is a big problem, costing companies a massive $8.8 trillion each year, as highlighted by research from Gallup. The research from Gallup shows how disengagement affects productivity, staff turnover, and overall business success. The 2023 YouGov report ‘Taking Responsibility – Why UK PLC Needs Better Managers’ also emphasises the negative impact of disengagement

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Successful onboarding

The Three Stages of Successful Onboarding

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s workplaces, successful onboarding starts before you even list your job. Miss the mark, and you lose out on talented people who deliver results. HR professionals, as architects of the employee experience, play the most crucial role in ensuring that new hires seamlessly assimilate into the company culture and contribute

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Job Fit

The Importance of Job Fit

Job fit is the compatibility between an individual and a specific job and/or work environment. It involves assessing how well a person’s skills, abilities, interests, values, and personality traits align with the requirements and characteristics of a particular job or role. When there is a good job fit, the individual’s qualifications and characteristics closely match

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Motivation at work

The Motivation Mindset – Explained!

Motivation at work refers to the drive, desire, and enthusiasm an individual has to perform in their role and achieve professional goals. It is the internal and external factors that energise and direct a person’s behaviour in the workplace. Motivation plays a crucial role in an individual’s performance and job satisfaction. When employees are motivated,

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High Performance Takes More Than Personality

High Performance Takes More Than Personality

While personality traits do play a role in an individual’s performance, they are not the sole determining factor. If traits are the baseline, it’s the human ‘power skills’ that an individual holds that determine their success in a role. Performance is a complex outcome influenced by various factors such as skills, knowledge, experience, motivation, work

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Create a Learning Culture

Develop To Retain – Create A Learning Culture

Opportunities to develop, learn and grow sit high among the reasons why people stay with their employers. In a challenging talent market, organisations should optimise every element of their offer to their people. It’s no longer enough to limit what you offer to your people to their salary and holiday entitlement. Pandemic and financial crises

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Develop To Retain - Give Your People Reason To Remain

Develop To Retain – Give Your People Reason To Remain

Recruiting the right people is a significant challenge for employers. However, keeping them for the long term can be even harder. Develop a clear employee retention strategy which makes your organisation difficult to desert. Organisations too often leave it until the exit interview to discover why their people jump ship. But at this point, it’s

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develop to retain

Develop To Retain: Future Proof Your Talent Pool

The most cost-effective and efficient way to keep talent in your teams is to prioritise the development of your people. Vacancies may be falling, and thus employers may see the power balance move in their favour. However, the competition remains high to attract, recruit and retain talented people with job-appropriate personality traits and skills. 83%

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define recruitment success

How Do You Define Recruitment Success?

You might celebrate the arrival of your new hire on day one. But, don’t count your chickens just yet, there’s a long way to go. The success of a hiring decision depends on several factors, all of which involve a mix of judgement, timing and a dash of luck. Hopefully your decisions are largely made

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