The Holst Series Training Dates

1 Day Workshop £450 + VAT 2 Day Workshop £900 + VAT De Bono Certification £3450 + VAT McQuaig Certification £2500 + VAT Date Workshop Venue/Platform Trainer 11-14 Oct 2021 Lateral Thinking Trainer Certification Bix Manor RG9 4RS Sara Jobson 10th Nov 2021 9.30-12.30 Introduction to Six Thinking Hats® Zoom Sara Jobson 11th Nov 2021

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flowprofiler® training

1 Hour Webinar £TBC 1 Day Workshop £450 + VAT 1/2 Day Online Workshop £150 + VAT Date Workshop Platform Trainer 10th Mar 2021 PM flowprofiler® Interpreter Training Zoom SJ 21st Apr 2021 AM flowprofiler® Interpreter Training Adobe Connect VC 29th April 2021 1-2pm Emotional Awareness Webinar Zoom SJ 6th May 2021 1-2pm Emotional Regulation

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McQuaig Effective Teams

2 Day Trainer Certification £TBA Date Workshop Venue Trainer 29-30 September 2021 McQuaig Effective Teams Trainer Certification Bix Manor RG9 4RS Sara Jobson

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Level 1 McQuaig Foundation Online

Two Part Online Workshop £300 + VAT This workshop is also run in two online parts over the course of two days. Delegates must attend book and both parts to achieve the qualification. The total cost of both online parts is £300 + VAT. Please get in touch if you have any questions  about online

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Level 2 Accredited McQuaig Interpreter

Online Workshop £300 + VAT Classroom Workshop£410 + VAT Date Venue Trainer 25th March 2021 28th April 2021 26th May 2021 23rd June 2021 20th July 2021 17th August 2021 21st September 2021 19th October 2021 16th November 2021 14th December 2021 Online 9.15am – 12.30pm / Zoom Online 9.15am – 12.30pm / Adobe Connect

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Booking Enquiry

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