Julia Bassett - Beautynet

Testimonial | Julia Bassett, Beautynet Ltd

We talk to Julia Bassett, Executive Assistant at Beautynet Ltd: How Holst supports Beautynet to recruit, develop and retain the right people. We talk to Julia Bassett, Executive Assistant at Beautynet Ltd: How Holst supports Beautynet to recruit, develop and retain the right people. Julia shares how Holst supports Beautynet to: ► Develop a

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job fit framework

The Job Fit Framework: Three Steps to the Perfect Hire

Hiring the right talent is crucial for any organisation’s success. The Job Fit Framework removes much of the guesswork and risk in the process. The right employees not only bring their skills and expertise but also fit well within the company culture, driving productivity and harmony within teams. However, finding these ideal candidates can be

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The Accidental Manager

How To Develop The ‘Accidental Manager’

The ‘accidental manager’ finds themselves in a managerial position not necessarily due to their expertise in leadership or management, but rather due to other circumstances. ‘82% [of those surveyed] are ‘accidental managers’ and a third don’t have formal management training’. Chartered Management Institute, 2023 These circumstances could include factors such as: Popularity: They may be well-liked

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identify top performers

How To Solve The $8.8 Trillion Engagement Problem

Employee disengagement is a big problem, costing companies a massive $8.8 trillion each year, as highlighted by research from Gallup. The research from Gallup shows how disengagement affects productivity, staff turnover, and overall business success. The 2023 YouGov report ‘Taking Responsibility – Why UK PLC Needs Better Managers’ also emphasises the negative impact of disengagement

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Matthew Johnson - Tileflair

Testimonial | Matthew Johnson, Tileflair Ltd

We talk to Tileflair Ltd’s CEO Matthew Johnson: How Holst supports Tileflair Ltd to recruit and retain the right people. We talk to Matthew Johnson, CEO of Tileflair Ltd: How Holst supports Tileflair to recruit and retain the right people to build effective workplace culture. Matthew shares how Holst supports Tileflair to: ► Develop

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Testimonial | Lorraine Metcalf, Quantexa

We talk to Lorraine Metcalf (Chief People Officer): How Holst supports Quantexa to build effective workplace culture. We talk to Lorraine Metcalf, Chief People Officer at Quantexa: How Holst supports Quantexa to build effective workplace culture. “Working with Holst has been TRANSFORMATIONAL”💥 Lorraine shares how Holst supports Quantexa: ► Overcome challenges to successful talent

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transform your workplace culture

Testimonial | Sarah Moore & Rachel Jones, Autosmart

We talk to Sarah Moore (Franchise Manager) and Rachel Jones (Head of People): How Holst supports Autosmart to build effective workplace culture. Sarah and Rachel share how Holst supports Autosmart: ► Get maximum value from their investment in McQuaig ► Get leadership buy-in to the McQuaig tools for recruitment, onboarding and development ► Develop

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social awareness

Transform Your Approach to Workplace Culture

Transform your workplace culture to recruit, develop and retain the people you need to drive success through 2024 and beyond. Throughout 2022/3 the HR press consistently reported employee survey results which placed the elements of workplace culture at the top of workers priority lists. While pay remains a key driver, quality of leadership, development opportunities

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Successful onboarding

The Three Stages of Successful Onboarding

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s workplaces, successful onboarding starts before you even list your job. Miss the mark, and you lose out on talented people who deliver results. HR professionals, as architects of the employee experience, play the most crucial role in ensuring that new hires seamlessly assimilate into the company culture and contribute

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Conflict free workplace

Nurturing Conflict-Free Workplaces

In today’s workplace landscape, effective leadership means more than task management; it’s about cultivating a united and productive team. The key? Blending emotional intelligence and resilience into a strategy that nips conflicts in the bud. These skills empower leaders to adeptly navigate human interactions, forging an environment ripe for collaboration. Effective leaders play a crucial

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