Workplace Culture

Inject fresh energy into your leadership, team, recruitment and succession planning strategies with our bespoke approach to your workplace culture.


Holst Assessments

Use Holst assessments to catch, keep and develop the talent your organisation needs. flowprofiler® and McQuaig are fit for organisations of every size and sector.  


The Holst Series

The Holst Series is an exceptional suite of professional development training that provide organisations with the means to create their effective workplace.


The Holst Academy

The Holst Academy passes on our best knowledge and equips your people with effective training skills that maximise your investment in The Holst Series professional development workshops.

Holst Assessments

Developing personal and professional excellence in the workplace.

Our assessment tools provide organisations with the means to develop in the key areas that are important to them.

The flowprofiler® family of assessments helps individuals to understand and develop their social and emotional intelligence, motivation and resilience both day-to-day and under pressure. It helps users develop personal excellence in the workplace, whatever their day throws at them.

Our reports give a snapshot of how a person will perform in a role. It will show you how to motivate them and tell you if they are a good fit the role you are hiring for. You will gain more insight than you get from a CV and be supported with behavioural-based interview questions.

Holst is the exclusive UK licensee of the flowprofiler® family and EMEA distributor of McQuaig.

The Holst Series

The Holst Series is professional development that is instantly applicable in every workplace, from SME to global enterprise.  We tailor our learning programmes to meet your organisation’s objectives. Best value comes when we build two or more courses into your professional development series, but we can deliver each as a standalone learning experience

Focus on your people and find the common goals that hold a resilient team together and form an effective workplace.

Fine tune the communications skills in your organisation to create a buzz around what you do and how you do it.

Equip your current and future leaders with a toolkit of leadership skills that will bring growth for years to come. 

Recruit, develop and retain the right people for your organisation.

Anyone can learn to be a creative thinker and find the business solutions that create growth and success in your organisation.

Positive, personal and powerful, flowprofiler assessments and training develop emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation.

The Holst Academy

The Holst Academy focuses on trainers who have a passion for helping others to be the best versions of themselves through training and development. Our trainer certifications enable organisations to embed a learning culture which leads to workplace effectiveness. 

We welcome individual trainers to add great training workshops to their portfolio. Become part of a global network of certified trainers when you join The Holst Academy.  

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