McQuaig measures the traits needed for success in any role. Comprising of seven tools it is an online profiling platform which allows you to:​

  • Benchmark a role.
  • Recruit to the requirements of that role.
  • Develop your people based on their strengths.
  • Retain your stars.

What is McQuaig?

McQuaig gives line managers results in a matter of minutes. A candidate is sent a questionnaire that takes less than 20 minutes to complete. The hiring manager then receives a report immediately upon completion. The reports are packed with critical information needed to make better people decisions.

Our reports give a snapshot of how a person will perform in the role you’re recruiting for. It will compare the candidate to the role you’re recruiting for and help you to understand how that person will perform for your organisation. You will gain more insight than you would get from a CV and it supports you with behavioural-based interview questions to ask during the recruitment process.

The McQuaig tools measure the traits needed for success in any role. It looks at how a person prefers to behave naturally. It will then compare this with how a person is behaving in their current job. The analysis between the two shows any adjustments the individual is making. This is important as the system will highlight whether they are showing signs of high or low morale.

McQuaig is so much more than just personality testing. It is a complete profiling tool.

McQuaig is thoroughly validated. It is registered with the British Psychological Society and reviewed by the Psychological Testing Centre (PTC). The validity of McQuaig stands apart from other tests. It is based on the independent work of Jack McQuaig, with more than 50 years of ongoing validation and research.

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McQuaig is unique because your organisation can have unlimited use of all tools for one rate per annum. We don’t charge you per credit and we don’t charge hefty consultation fees.  McQuaig is available in several languages and this is an area of continuous development. If the language you need is not listed here, please contact us to find out if it is coming soon.

McQuaig contains the following tools:

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