Case Study: Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health

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McQuaig provides real-world team development and recruitment solutions at Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health

When Lesa Levett, Head of Administration and Finance at Oxford University’s Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health approached us to find out how McQuaig  could make a difference in her organisation, of course we were delighted. To work with an organisation that makes such a significant positive impact on human health around the world is a privilege.

Lesa had identified that all was not well within the department’s culture. She was able to quickly engage a staff to discover what lay at the root of the issues. She learnt that trust and morale were low and communication needed to improve.

As a previous user of McQuaig, Lesa understood how well suited McQuaig is to team development and recruitment. Her previous positive experience with McQuaig and us here at Holst gave her the confidence that she and her HR team would be fully supported throughout the process.

“We see Holst as part of our organisation. Holst has enabled us to provide the developmental opportunities that weren’t there before. We are more transparent and actively encourage our staff to work together. This is the culture we want at Nuffield. Holst helps us to create this improved culture.”

Lesa Levett

Team development

Nuffield undertook the investment and commitment to train and equip its HR team with the expertise to give in-depth feedback on McQuaig’s tools and reports. This was an important step for the HR team to gain the confidence to successfully administer a new process and work towards positive outcomes.

Nuffield staff and leaders completed the McQuaig Word Survey®. With the results interpreted and feedback by the HR team, they gained valuable insights into their own personality and preferred behaviours. From here, the HR team was able to work with individuals to create specific development plans. Bespoke development training from Holst formed part of these plans.

Streamlining recruitment

McQuaig also plays an important role in Nuffield’s recruitment process. Recruitment managers find the interview questions generated by the McQuaig Word Survey® Report particularly valuable.

Lesa spearheaded a behaviour charter using McQuaig to eliminate unwanted behaviour at the point of recruitment.

“Instead of addressing bad behaviour when it happens, the behaviour charter sets out what we want. When we recruit with McQuaig we can identify what we want to see in our candidates.”

Lesa Levett

Leadership development

Lack of inclusive leadership had been identified, despite a clear appetite for others to collaborate in decision-making. Strategy workshops led to the introduction of a new management structure with new working groups focusing on people, resources, research and a centralised executive team. The result was more transparent decision-making and constructive collaboration.

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