Matthew Johnson - Tileflair

Testimonial | Matthew Johnson, Tileflair Ltd

We talk to Tileflair Ltd’s CEO Matthew Johnson: How Holst supports Tileflair Ltd to recruit and retain the right people. We talk to Matthew Johnson, CEO of Tileflair Ltd: How Holst supports Tileflair to recruit and retain the right people to build effective workplace culture. Matthew shares how Holst supports Tileflair to: ► Develop

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Testimonial | Lorraine Metcalf, Quantexa

We talk to Lorraine Metcalf (Chief People Officer): How Holst supports Quantexa to build effective workplace culture. We talk to Lorraine Metcalf, Chief People Officer at Quantexa: How Holst supports Quantexa to build effective workplace culture. “Working with Holst has been TRANSFORMATIONAL”💥 Lorraine shares how Holst supports Quantexa: ► Overcome challenges to successful talent

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transform your workplace culture

Testimonial | Sarah Moore & Rachel Jones, Autosmart

We talk to Sarah Moore (Franchise Manager) and Rachel Jones (Head of People): How Holst supports Autosmart to build effective workplace culture. Sarah and Rachel share how Holst supports Autosmart: ► Get maximum value from their investment in McQuaig ► Get leadership buy-in to the McQuaig tools for recruitment, onboarding and development ► Develop

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transform your workplace culture

Transform Your Approach to Workplace Culture

Transform your workplace culture to recruit, develop and retain the people you need to drive success through 2024 and beyond. Throughout 2022/3 the HR press consistently reported employee survey results which placed the elements of workplace culture at the top of workers priority lists. While pay remains a key driver, quality of leadership, development opportunities

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Happy Christmas from Holst!

Our Christmas and New Year opening & closing dates, together with festive favourites from the Holst team. It’s the countdown to Christmas! And what better to get us all in the Christmas spirit than settling down on the sofa with a tin of chocolates to watch a festive film or dive into a really good

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targeted training

Optimise Your Internal Talent with Targeted Training

Maximise productivity and strengthen workplace relationships with a targeted training strategy that meets your organisation’s objectives. Hiring for skills can be an expensive and time-consuming business. Sometimes it’s necessary – your organisation is expanding and needs more hands on deck or perhaps you are moving into a new sector. More often than not however, the

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talented people

Who Are (or could be) Your Most Talented People?

Identify, develop and retain the talented people who have a positive impact on your workplace culture. How do you define and measure excellent performance? Hitting a target is one easy measurement, but it is a superficial metric which does not take into account an individual’s wider impact and influence. For instance, it’s no good having

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invest in your people

Invest in Your People to Develop Their Potential

Invest in your people to create and elevate a healthy workplace culture where everyone can thrive. “While the cost of living crisis is widespread and competitive salaries are important to all employees, many are also looking for supportive working cultures, opportunities for career growth, and flexibility in their work schedules.” Claire McCartney, resourcing adviser at

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successful onboarding strategy

Three Tips For a Successful Onboarding Strategy

A successful onboarding strategy ensures that your new hires and internal moves have the best chance of settling in quickly, can be productive and stay for the long term. Onboarding, or induction, is so much more than a brief introduction to the team over lunch, and should begin well before the start date. Arguably, the

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select the right people

Select the Right People to Make a Strong Start

Knowing how to select the right people for your external hires and internal moves is the key to positive onboarding and long term success. How do you make a selection decision? Do you have a tickbox of data-based criteria – one strike against a candidate and they’re out regardless of their potential? Do you look

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