Create Effective Teams that Deliver High Performance and Productivity

Holst’s Master Trainer Sara Jobson explains how to develop effective teams across your organisation - where to start, how to do it and what to measure.

effective teams

Great teams don’t just happen, says Sara.

Poor teamwork is the silent assassin in the workplace. It undermines workplace effectiveness, the attainment of organisational objectives and business goals. As an organisation, you have invested in recruiting the right people. Now is the time to invest in how they work together effectively as a high performance team.

What is a high performance team? A team that demonstrates exceptional cohesiveness, team skills and energy, allowing them to achieve in spite of obstacles.

Constructive interpersonal relationships are key to high performance teams. It is not who you have in the team but how well they work together. Teams excel when they are able to understand the strengths of their members. The key is to build on those strengths and create an environment where individual members are valued for what they personally bring to the team. Individuals who are valued are naturally more engaged. Engaged team members are loyal, more productive and contribute to the overall success of the group.

A highly effective team does not need to be made up of the most talented stars in your sector. In fact, there’s a good chance that these ‘stars’ would never play nicely together. Great teams are stable, made up of people who can work cohesively and handle healthy conflict. They have high levels of social awareness, able to recognise when someone is below par and respond appropriately and constructively. Equally, great teams include people who genuinely celebrate the successes of their colleagues. If all of this sounds pretty superhuman, well, it almost is. That’s why it’s necessary to invest in team training and development to create team utopia.

Build Effective Teams with McQuaig - Unlock Team Potential and Develop Empathy

McQuaig unlocks team potential, builds team awareness and develops empathy through greater understanding of temperament-driven behaviour.

The McQuaig Self-Development Survey™ provides the basis for team development with McQuaig. It empowers individuals with awareness of their natural strengths and limitations. With these insights, individuals can begin to learn about their team colleagues. They will recognise commonalities and differences in temperament and how temperament fundamentally affects behaviour and communication within the team.

Team leaders and senior managers gain clearer insight into getting the best from their teams. They learn how to identify and better manage individuals with less common temperament traits and proactively manage temperament hotspots and blindspots when facilitating teamwork & thinking. The McQuaig Effective Teams workshop shows your team where the strengths of its members lie. In turn, they can build on those strengths. With a common language, conflict resolution becomes easier and better teamwork is achieved.

Team Development with flowprofiler® - 10 Steps to Achieve Your Strategic Initiatives

Either standalone, or run in conjunction with McQuaig Effective Teams, Holst’s team development with flowprofiler® is a bespoke 10-step programme designed to dovetail with your strategic initiatives. team development with flowprofiler® runs over a defined period of time, which enables HR teams to monitor, measure and respond to outcomes.

flowprofiler® assessments, training and coaching identify, measure and improve the human skills of emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation that your teams need to create success.

With greater emotional intelligence comes stronger workplace relationships through awareness, self-regulation and mature behaviour. Engagement increases with improved motivation. And, with better developed resilience, your organisation will benefit from a culture based on tenacity, adaptability and perseverance.

flowprofiler® adds real value for your people. It not only delivers benefits in the workplace, but also has a holistic impact to the whole person. The human skills that are so essential to deliver effective team outcomes, also have an impact on life away from the workplace. In a challenging recruitment market, differentiate your organisation as an employer of choice with professional development opportunities that benefit all aspects of your employee’s personal and professional life.

The Teams Series from Holst - Practical Techniques for Instant Application

So now your teams have developed awareness and understanding of each other. They appreciate that each team player has different communication and contribution styles. It’s time to improve their technical team skills to develop confidence and efficiency in meetings, creativity sessions, verbal and written communications. In McQuaig terms, your Specialists will understand that your Generalists may not respond well to intense detail. They get bored by long-winded explanations and rarely read or listen beyond an opening paragraph or statement. That’s perhaps a generalisation, but it will ring true for many.

This is where effective team communication skills, both written and verbal, are key to team effectiveness. Specialists will learn how to condense three paragraphs into one, and generalists will learn the skills to adjust their approach in a way that is not alienating to their Specialist colleagues. Team meetings and idea generation sessions become more effective with techniques and tools that not only save time, but deliver improved outcomes.

From facilitation, to creativity, to communication, your teams can learn practical techniques that add depth to workplace relationships and increase productivity.

Focus on your teams with Holst's tailored team development programme

Equip your teams with the skills they need to create and maintain effective workplace cultures and strong relationships. Talk to us about team development with flowprofiler®, McQuaig and The Holst Series.

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