Managing change

Managing Change – There’s No Going Back

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but still more change for organisations to manage while we move towards it. Are there any organisations out there who haven’t experienced a huge shake up in the last twelve months? Some have coped well, perhaps because they learned how to adapt in the wake of

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structured leadership development

The Need for Structured Leadership Development

There’s just one thing more important than leadership development, and that’s structured leadership development. It’s easy to say we must develop our leaders. Buy in a bit of coaching here, a psychometric tool there, pop the leadership candidates on a management skills course and believe that hey presto! You have a leader. The truth is,

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Add Structure to Online Meetings with Six Thinking Hats

Add Structure to Online Meetings with Six Thinking Hats®

Remote teams are here to stay. But that’s no barrier to effective team collaboration when you use the right tools. Remote team working is here to stay. Fact. Even if some return to the office, there will be plenty of colleagues who choose to stay at home for a myriad of reasons. Covid had dragged

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