Spend Less Time On Your People Pressures

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Help line managers to spend less time resolving intra-team disputes and give them more time to achieve their objectives. Join the McQuaig Masterclass to find out how.

Do your line managers feel like workplace referees? Settling internal disputes, dishing out yellow cards? Unwilling to deliver a red card for the good of the team? Do your teams pull together like the Lionesses, or is it a case of ‘every man for himself’?

It’s a common problem. Line managers often acquire their leadership roles by being successful in a non-managerial position. But they are rarely trained to execute the delicate and sometimes unpleasant tasks of management. It’s time to give line managers a break. Instead of unwittingly setting them up to fail, equip them with the skills and insights they need to nurture and motivate their workplace family.

It begins with recruitment

While knowledge and experience of what their team does is very important to a line manager’s success, their past achievements should not override their ability to manage. Their personality traits and power skills are more indicative of future success than how often they hit target in their former role. When promoting and recruiting, how often do you consider this balance? We can all think of managers who were promoted for all the wrong reasons.

Moving on from leadership recruitment, how do your hiring managers approach recruitment in their teams? Do they tend to veer towards a tribe of ‘mini-me’s? Or do they populate their teams with people who never push back? Both stifle creativity and innovation which of course hinders growth and ownership.

Your line managers need to know what makes an effective team perform well. They need objective insights into their team’s personalities and power skills to understand what motivates their people. They should know when and how to push hard, and when to release the pressure to prevent burnout.

Invest time in your teams and leaders at The McQuaig Masterclass

Oh! But we told you that you should spend less time on your people! This is different. This is time well invested that you will recoup many-fold in the years to come. Instead of time-consuming firefighting, invest in the time necessary to turn around your workplace juggernaut. Once on course, your managers will be in a better position to drive your organisation forward with teams which pull together rather than pull apart.

Begin your new journey by joining us at The McQuaig Masterclass on Thursday 22 September at Bix Manor, Henley on Thames. You’ll also have the opportunity to trial the McQuaig assessment and experience a short online feedback session before the event.

On the day,

  • Take part in a taster session of our hugely popular McQuaig Effective Teams workshop with McQuaig master trainer Sara Jobson
  • Meet with our McQuaig consultants to talk about bespoke needs of your organisation and what you would like to achieve
  • Network with your peers, including long-term McQuaig advocates to find out from the horse’s mouth how it works for them

We will also cover how we help organisations to answer the questions posed by McQuaig. This includes using flowprofiler® to develop power skills (emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation) to manage the personality traits which can cause conflict, low morale and poor productivity. From presentation skills to creativity, financial literacy to efficient decision-making, we deliver recruitment and development programmes for any size or sector of organisation.

“We see Holst as part of our organisation. Holst has enabled us to provide the developmental opportunities that weren’t there before. We are more transparent and actively encourage our staff to work together. Holst helps us to create this improved culture.”

Lesa Levett, Head of Administration and Finance at Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health

Join us for The McQuaig Masterclass on 22 September at our Bix Manor office to learn how our team can support yours.

Contact us to learn more.

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