The Holst Series

The Holst Series is professional development that is instantly applicable in every workplace, from SME to global enterprise.

Why Choose The Holst Series?

We tailor our learning programmes to meet your organisation’s objectives. Best value comes when we build two or more courses into your professional development series, but we can deliver each as a standalone learning experience.

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A toolkit of strong leadership skills which enable leaders to bring sustainable growth to their organisation. Leaders are not born, they are made. Nurture your leaders, current and potential, with training that will help them to develop in line with your organisation’s goals.

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Fine tune the communications skills in your organisation and create a buzz around what you do. Stand out in the crowd with great business communication skills. Our business communication skills courses teach people to think, speak and write with impact.

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Focus on your people and find the common goals that hold a resilient team together to create an effective workplace. Genuine and sustainable team relationships develop when individuals learn to understand each other.

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Anyone can learn to be a creative thinker and find the business solutions that will create future growth and success in your organisation. We teach the thinking skills of Dr Edward de Bono. Fun and easy to learn, these tools will unleash the latent creativity in your teams.

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Recruit, develop and retain the right people for your organisation using McQuaig. These workshops deepen users knowledge of the McQuaig tools and help to form cohesive, successful teams.

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Positive, personal and powerful, the flowprofiler® family of assessments and training develops emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation like never before. flowprofiler® workshops add richness to the assessment tools, to maximise their impact in your teams.


We guarantee all our courses, tools and training so that our clients can buy with confidence.

Service and delivery

We deliver outstanding professional development content and client service. We believe that it is our role to make professional development easy to implement and calculate ROI.

Adaptable to market needs

We work smartly and flexibly in dynamic and unique business environments. We actively seek out innovation in our product range to be sure that we always look to the future. Need to work on a specific area? We will deliver that for you.

Long term partnerships

We understand the need for ROI. We want to develop long term partnerships that make a positive and consistent impact on our clients’ bottom line.

Meet business objectives

We help your C-suite to understand the value of professional development. Not simply as a tick-box exercise, but as a real revenue raiser. We focus on developing the real-life skills that teams and individuals need to increase and sustain productivity.

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