Engage Your Reader

Learn key business writing skills to engage today’s business readers and impress your stakeholders with clarity and purpose.



Who Needs This ?

Engage Your Reader is a highly interactive one day writing course. You will learn key writing tips to engage today’s business reader and impress your stakeholders. We all know that practice makes perfect and this writing course is no different. Relevant practice scenarios and examples support your learning at every stage.

Our fully certified trainers draw on years of professional experience to create a safe, fun and dynamic learning environment. They use a variety of teaching models to ensure you get a true ROI for your valuable time.  We only work with the best!

Every Engage Your Reader participant receives a full workbook to take away that covers all the material used and is a handy guide to record tips learnt on your course.

We designed the Engage Your Reader course to reflect today’s trends in effective business writing. This course reflects what readers are looking for right now and provides you with a clear writing process to achieve great results.

How Do I Book?

We deliver all our courses in-house at the time and place of your choice, throughout the world. An in-house training course is a great way for your people to learn together. Clients tell us that skills are more likely to be used post-course if a team has attended the same course. 
Call 0203 111 9292 or contact us using the button below to talk to the team about your requirements and pricing.

What You Will Learn

You will learn the fundamentals of good business writing, how to structure and quantify your results. Links are made to the following writing situations and tips are given to engage that specific type of reader: Day to day business writing / Blogs / Board reports / Web-copy / Newsletters / Reports / Technical documents / Email / Social media platforms / PowerPoint slides

Your trainer will decide how much time is spent on these topics based on the needs of your group. They will not make you sit through content that isn’t relevant.

Business writing for leaders

Writing is an essential skill for today’s leaders. As a leader you need confidence that your message is received as you intend. You need to coach the people around you on what good looks like and how to achieve it. You also require a keen eye for how your organisation is perceived. Leaders require vigilance and keen writing skills to audit material published electronically. They have to know what is out there as a permanent record.

All this reflects on your personal and company brand. It strongly influences how others see you. Good business writing skills demonstrates values such as quality, care and attention to detail. Most of all it shows that you respect your reader. Readers like that.

There is a lot of pressure placed on today’s leaders to get it right. But what happens when you aren’t sure yourself? Leaders often attend our workshops. Many lack confidence in their ability to create engaging documents. We frequently hear that writing skills were left out of the school curriculum for certain year groups. A Director of Holst experienced this herself.

It is common for leaders to tell us they have no idea what we are talking about when we refer to concepts such as the active and passive voice. We painfully watch people go silent when asked the definition of an adverb. We hear them lament about how let down they feel by their tertiary education. They tell us that the formula of “volume over quality” has left them at a clear professional disadvantage.

We listened to our business leaders and created our one day Engage Your Reader writing skills course to meet their needs. We know that professionals are busy. We want to respect the precious time of our participants and have filled this writing course with powerful tools that get great results. We ensure concepts are explained clearly. We present a clear logic as to why we have selected techniques we teach. We create a safe environment full of practice for leaders to learn and understand. Once shown they never look back! That’s why we love this workshop. We see real transformations take place. Wow.

Learn techniques to prepare your writing to engage your reader

You will even learn the elements of a good style guide so you can create an internal standard if that is missing from your organisation.


      • Learn techniques to focus your writing on your reader
      • Quantify clear targets to measure your business writing against
      • Make decisions on how your output will look
      • Organise your content to achieve great results
        All on one page!


      • Discover handy tips to get the job done
      • Overcome challenges often experienced in business writing
      • Know how to get into your own personal ‘writer’s flow’


Learn the tools of the trade including:

Grammar basics

      • Some basic grammatical terms
      • Common grammar traps
      • When to use a colon versus a semicolon


      • Understand how to quantify a good result
      • Learn what you need to do to achieve this outcome
      • Understand the nature of sentence structure and the impact it has on your reader

Tips when editing

      • Learn to proof read like a pro
      • Understand what changes you need to make and why
      • Discover shorthand tips for marking up your changes

Pull it all together

Pull all your learning together with your trainer on hand to help and coach you. You are welcome to work on your on documents to gain the most out of this time.  Or if you prefer, your trainer will have plenty of material you can work on.

The Engage Your Reader checklist and action plan

Finish the day with your Engage Your Reader Checklist to ensure you remember everything you have learnt. Your trainer will encourage you to create an action plan to continue your development back at work.

“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.”

More Details

Our Unique Guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied with your training 3 months post-training, we will re-train your delegates for free
  • If after 6 months you are still not satisfied, we will refund the original training course fees
  • This has never happened, making us completely confident of your satisfaction


  • Training courses which deliver relevant learning outcomes
  • A safe learning environment
  • Interactive, engaging and memorable course content
  • Trainers who support you both during- and post-course as you put your new skills into action


  • A single point of contact to arrange all the fine details of your workshop
  • Copyrighted training materials
  • Carefully selected trainers whose commitment to your learning matches ours
  • Excellent training venues in prime locations
Duration 1 Day
Participants Maximum 12
Prerequisites None
Trainer Certification Available? Yes
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