RapidConsensus™ is the facilitation training course that gets groups reaching consensus fast.


RapidConsensus™ teaches facilitation skills to get groups to contribute and take ownership for their actions. Most groups leap from problem to solution without stopping to consider or design a preferred end result. This facilitation skills course holds up the thinking of a group. It encourages them to pause and create where they would prefer to be before deciding on the best way forward.

RapidConsenus™ focuses on the key principal of engagement. That is to get people involved. When the right people collaborate to design outcomes then consensus becomes possible. This facilitation skills course shows you how to get those types of results. Fast.

The skills taught on this facilitation skills course can be used within team meetings or as the overview for large conference lasting several days. The principles are the same; use the right tool, create the right conditions and hold a group in process to enable them to create their best way forward.

“People own what they help to create.”
 – Kevin Nuttall

Course objectives:

  • Learn to mine the collective knowledge of a group. Fast.
  • Create the conditions for consensus on the best way forward.
  • Encourage ownership and action.
  • Create the environment to enable everyone to participate equally.

What to expect:

A certified RapidConsensus™ trainer will lead your workshop. We support your learning with a workbook, laminated summary card of key concepts and plenty of practice. Every participant will have a chance to run their own session using the tools. You will be encouraged to work on your own topics. Please bring these along.

Details and Costs:

Duration 1-day course
Course size Maximum 20 participants
Price From £270 + VAT per person

Who should attend a RapidConsensus™ course?

Strong facilitation skills underpin productive group sessions. Previous participants of this facilitation-training course have told us they successfully use these tools and techniques within team meetings. In addition they use the techniques learnt as a way to focus their teams on daily targets and at conferences to facilitate collaborative discussions between stakeholders who don’t always agree. If these situations apply to you then you will enjoy a RapidConsensus™ course.

This facilitation-training course is great for situations where as a facilitator you require a group to design a better more desirable future. Actions are then developed from this preferred future state. This in turn will lead to better engagement and greater optimism for the outcomes derived from you session.

In our opinion RapidConsensus™ is one of the best facilitation skills workshops on the market. Anywhere in the world!


The energy was excellent and faced paced. I came away really feeling like I had learnt a useful tool that I will use in the future.

Project Manager, 3M.

What you will learn in a RapidConsensus™course:

You will learn the Four Seasons Model to get groups to the same start point and move them forward. You will also learn essential skills such as idea mapping, active listening, people reading and group dynamics. The course provides plenty of opportunity to practice your facilitation skills and build on your learning. This is a terrific facilitation-training course that leaves you with a flexible model and the skills for successful sessions.

In House Courses

In House Courses

Our RapidConsensus™ course is available in-house. You choose the date, location and time of your courses to suit your schedule. We will send all materials and an accredited trainer saving you employee travel and accommodation expenses.

From £270 +VAT per person

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Public Courses

Public Courses

We use quality venues such as the Henley Business School in the South East, Ettington Chase in the Midlands and etc Venues in central London. Free wifi, lunch and refreshments are all included with the course.

From £450 +VAT per person

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Trainer Certification

Trainer Certification

You can become accredited as a trainer if you see this sign. Each Certification begins with the full version of your chosen course, followed by intensive training in the presentation, practice and facilitation.

From £3,450 +VAT per person

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