McQuaig Level 2 Accredited Interpreter

Take your McQuaig skills to the next stage with McQuaig Level 2 Accredited  Interpreter training.



Who Needs This ?

McQuaig Level 2 Accredited Interpreter training is for holders of the McQuaig Level 1 Foundation. It builds on the basic interpretation skills learnt in hat course and gives McQuaig users the confidence to expertly use the McQuaig tools and reports in their organisation.

The workshop is for a must for anyone invoved in selecting and interviewing candidates or in professional development training. It is also important for senior HR managers and directors so that they fully understand the depth of McQuaig tools and the positive impact they make in the workplace.

Level 2 training ensures that organisations get the best return on their investment in McQuaig.

How Do I Book?

We deliver all our courses in-house at the time and place of your choice, throughout the world. An in-house training course is a great way for your people to learn together. Clients tell us that skills are more likely to be used post-course if a team has attended the same course. 
The McQuaig Level 2 Accredited Interpreter workshop is also available as a public online workshop, delivered in a 3 hour session.
Call 0203 111 9292 or contact us using the button below to talk to the team about your requirements and pricing.

What You Will Learn

The McQuaig Level 2 Accredited  Interpreter wor​kshop focuses on the practical application of interpreting profiles and ethically giving feedback to candidates. Users gain important interpretation tips that enable them to make powerful people decisions that benefit individuals, teams and their organisation.

This workshop also covers the McQuaig Self Development Survey™​ and how to use it as part of your professional development programme. 

McQuaig Level 2 Accredited  Interpreter is a participant-driven course. It looks at real life examples from the group and takes your interpretation to a higher level.

You don’t win with the best talent – you win with the players who are able to play well together.

More Details

Our Unique Guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied with your training 3 months post-training, we will re-train your delegates for free
  • If after 6 months you are still not satisfied, we will refund the original training course fees
  • This has never happened, making us completely confident of your satisfaction


  • Training courses which deliver relevant learning outcomes
  • A safe learning environment
  • Interactive, engaging and memorable course content
  • Trainers who support you both during- and post-course as you put your new skills into action


  • A single point of contact to arrange all the fine details of your workshop
  • Copyrighted training materials
  • Carefully selected trainers whose commitment to your learning matches ours
  • Excellent training venues in prime locations
Duration 1 Day
Participants Maximum 20
Prerequisites McQuaig Level 1 Certificate
Trainer Certification Available? Yes
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