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Holst delivers workplace solutions to meet your organisational initiatives. We focus on your individuals, teams and leaders to support the recruitment, development and retention of your people.

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The four areas we focus on:

Strong Leadership

Create a shared vision for your people to engage with.

Resilient Culture

Develop the tenacity in your people to survive and thrive

Future Looking

Be ambitious for the future of your organisation

Focus on People

 Sustainably curate your talent

Develop with Holst Training & Assessments

We use online assessments to help you better understand your people, their strengths, weaknesses and areas for development. When you fully understand the individuals in your organisation, you can build happy and healthy teams. These teams will ultimately deliver the results that your organisation needs.


Holst professional development delivers real-time results for individuals. Our online assessment tools help individuals to better understand their personality traits and behaviours.

Armed with this new level of self awareness, individuals can begin a sustainable self-development journey with The Holst Series.

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Lead with strength

  • Confidence is key to strong leadership, whether you are a team leader or CEO
  • Learn the skills all leaders need to confidently communicate, facilitate and engage with their people to deliver outstanding performance
  • Discover the truth of your emotional intelligence, and improve it!


  • Develop the ability to not just survive in the workplace, but actually thrive
  • Learn how to manage change effectively and value new opportunities
  • Gain and maintain a positive mindset

Future proof skills

  • Learn how to get your message across and with impact
    Get the basics of business finance under your belt that will underpin your future success
  • Anyone can be a creative thinker, you just need the right tools
  • Facilitate your people to make and take ownership of their decisions

Focus on you

  • Know yourself. Constructive self-awareness will empower you to develop your weaknesses into strengths
  • Fill the gaps in your skillset with practical training that is always on the money
  • Put yourself first, for the good of your team


Successful teams work collaboratively and effectively.

Teams are often made up of very different personalities and it’s this diversity which can be the catalyst for success. However, developing team cohesiveness, the ‘glue’, is not straightforward. It takes time and intervention to create a truly effective team.

Developing teams

Resilient teams

  • Empower your teams with a truthful picture of their resilience and help them to develop it
  • Develop a positive culture mindset throughout your teams
  • Help your teams to be ready for change and embrace it

Future proof teams

Focusing on teams

  • Embrace the diversity in your teams and build on natural strengths
  • Understand how to turn conflict into collaboration
  • Help your individuals to find their common ground that leads to team success
  • Get a practical action plan to help your team work more cohesively


We work to understand your organisation’s goals and aspirations first, then create a bespoke professional development plan that addresses your business needs.

Our online assessment tools enable organisations to accurately measure, develop and retain their people to create an effective workplace culture.

Leadership culture

  • Organisations must have effective strong leaders that engage and motivate their teams and individuals
  • Confident communication is key to the success of a leader
  • Emotional intelligence is a much prized ability – help your leaders to improve their EQ to develop a culture of supportive, approachable and assured leadership

Resilient culture

  • A resilient organisation is one that weathers any storm and embraces every challenge
  • Give your people the resilience skills your organisation needs to be ready for change and uncertainty
  • Reduce work-related stress in your organisation with resilience training that explores ways to develop and use personal resilience for better results

Future culture

People culture

  • Create an employer brand that will make your organisation a destination for the best talent
  • Curate your talent with a strong professional development strategy to inspire belonging and motivation across your organisation
  • Empower your people to be the best they can be. Not just for your organisation,but also for their own sense of personal fulfilment

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