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A positive mindset and the ability to adapt to change enables you and your teams to better manage stress and embrace opportunities as they arise. How can you best achieve this?

It is important to have a robust and resilient culture in the workplace.

As leaders and managers, understanding and knowing your people is essential. The fundamental attribute is effective communication:

  • talk with your employees regularly
  • ask open questions
  • listen to what they say to you.

By observing their behaviour and understanding what motivates them in their roles you can learn about what they value, which affects how they do their job. Knowing who they are and what makes them tick, helps you to understand their needs and expectations.

Organisations want their employees to have pride in what they do and in their company. When employees feel appreciated, they not only perform consistently but often outperform expectations. By acknowledging their work and providing feedback you can help to guide your team and help them achieve their targets. It is essential to look at why people do the work they do and what drives them to do it.

Knowing your people enables a healthy and effective workplace culture. When individuals want to come to work and they enjoy being there, they make an effort in the work they do. Getting to know your people is key to evaluating how engaged they are – their backgrounds, hobbies, skill sets, personal life all play a part in your workplace environment. Knowing how to blend this into a productive, positive environment is an important skill. 

8 Ways to build Engagement and Resilience in the Workplace

1 Growth

People are attracted to work for growing businesses. Companies that focus on growth tend to have better job security, which allows staff to feel confident in their positions. This encourages a lower turnover of staff, enabling individuals to be more engaged, motivated and resilient to change and challenges.

Allow your people to grow by letting them do their jobs and encourage them to develop within their roles.

2 Feedback

Organisations that actively share their values and news with their employees encourage engagement in the workplace culture. Sharing successes and failures both at an individual and team level as well as departmental and company-wide level helps to improve overall resilience.

3 Trust

Honesty and openness go a long way in building trust within a workforce. The dynamics of the office are directly affected where employees feel they can trust each other, their managers and leaders.

4 Lead by example

Managers who actively encourage engagement and resilience amongst their staff, and who work closely with them, are more likely to be respected and to lead teams that share their motivations and values. resilienceflow® and motivationflow® are key tools in the flowprofiler® family that measure a team’s motivation and resilience, to help you understand areas for development.

5 Training

Training with flowprofiler® provides the tools for individuals and teams to fully understand their behaviours at work both day-to-day and under pressure. It provides a firm foundation of understanding how resilient people are, where their motivations lie and how to build on emotional and social intelligence to strengthen the workplace environment.

6 Teamwork

Develop strong teams and provide them with a sense of greater purpose where they share the same goals. This allows them to contribute ideas and allows for cooperation and confidence in each other and the company as a whole.

7 Listen

Letting everyone have a voice and making sure they are all heard is vital for everyone to feel part of the same team. Clear, constructive feedback shows that managers care and are engaged with their workforce.

8 Awareness

Knowing your people and understanding what interests and drives them, allows you to identify new areas they could develop or move to within the company to learn new skills. This not only encourages development it allows individuals to remain valued members in a capacity that will elevate their engagement at work.

How flowprofiler® can help you to really know your people

flowprofiler® provides 4 comprehensive assessments which can help you and your people to understand their emotional and social intelligence, their motivations and how resilient they are in the workplace. 

Measuring engagement lets you know how committed they are to your organisation, how motivated they are and their emotional investment in the work they are undertaking.

Resilient organisations require individuals to be motivated to work hard towards a common goal in line with the organisation’s vision. They will share the same values as the organisation and are committed to their work objectives. flowprofiler® enables you to understand the levels of engagement in your workplace. Using the results, you can look to work with individuals and teams on the areas where employee engagement needs further developing, to create a happy, motivated workforce.

With an engaged workforce, you are more likely to have a resilient one as well. Engaged employees are more likely to bounce back faster from setbacks because they care about the organisation they work for. They are also more likely to tackle difficult tasks or take on trickier projects because they want to see the company, and themselves, succeed.

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Join us in Leeds on 23 October and in London on 24 November 2019 to discover how flowprofiler® brings positive change to workplace culture, leaders and teams.

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