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High-performing teams are resilient. They learn, adapt, grow and win together. They are a resilient group of people with complementary skills who work collectively towards a common goal. How can you improve team performance to create a high-performing team?

When organisations support the development of resilience in their employee population, they provide them with skills they can transfer to every aspect of life.

This in turn has a significant impact on the well-being and wellness of the leader or team-member. Through this investment employers build the capability in the workforce for every individual to turn up and bring the best version of themselves to their role, no matter what challenges they face.

Those businesses who can move out of the ‘scrunch and survive’ mindset and can turn their attention to thrive strategies for the post C-19 era are going to have an edge. Whatever the effect on our employee populations, the staff that are retained will need support.

The best teams interact and communicate with each other effectively regardless of whether they work from home or in an office. This allows them to react resiliently to challenges and change. When each member shares the same sense of purpose and commitment to their roles, they create greater efficiency. They will help each other out to the greater good of the team and their project. 

Focus on team development

Focusing on team development is important to every organisation’s overall success. When a team is working collaboratively, engaging in each other’s diverse ways of thinking and behaviour and drawing on each other’s strengths, it becomes incredibly productive.

People need training and support at work both as individuals and teams to develop their skills and to continue to work effectively. 

  • Are you a manager who knows how your people work and can help identify the training they need to perform better?
  • Do you work for a small business in the role of recruiter, trainer and team leader and want to learn how to perform most effectively in these roles?
  • Do you work in HR or L&D and are in a position to provide development opportunities for teams?

The flowprofiler® family

The flowprofiler® family is a vital tool in understanding what motivates individual team members and how they act both day-to-day and under pressure. It helps them to build the resilience they need to successfully overcome challenges and effectively develop their emotional intelligence.

To develop a team, you need to understand each member’s developmental needs and to identify skill gaps and knowledge within that team. Team members who share the same values and motivations for work are more likely to pull together cohesively. flowprofiler® encourages teams to be the best they can be. By understanding which aspects of work motivates the team as a whole, they can gain insights as to how they can adapt their individual and collective behaviours to achieve better results. 

If you want to develop a sustainable, high-performing effective team, the flowprofiler® family of training workshops can help teams to develop their relationships and improve their engagement at work. Understanding how individuals might behave in particular work situations, and how they can adapt their behaviour to achieve better results for the good of the team is a powerful tool in team development.

The flowprofiler® series from Holst offers 3 highly-effective workshops aimed specifically at developing the emotional and social intelligence of individuals within teams, as well as understanding the motivation and resilience of each team member. 

The team day emotional intelligence advantage with eqflow® workshop initially provides insight on each individual’s emotional and social intelligence, providing personal, meaningful and actionable learning outcomes. It then works to build a unique team profile with clear team actions that will improve the effectiveness of the team.

The resilience advantage with resilienceflow® workshop helps teams to better understand their resilience, how they cope with stress and change in the workplace, and to embrace opportunities by having a positive mindset.

With the motivation advantage with motivationflow®, teams are able to identify what they need to stay motivated, be better engaged and more self-sufficient. Together they can focus on what they need to do to remain motivated and engaged at work.

A powerful tool

flowprofiler® is a powerful tool which helps teams to recognise specific areas where they can improve their reactions and behaviours in particular situations. By understanding their goals, skills and interests they can identify areas where they can benefit from additional training or coaching, which in turn helps to strengthen each member and therefore the team as well. 

When a team shares a sense of purpose it unifies their collective effort. flowprofiler® encourages greater engagement within a team. It helps to provide clarity for each member by understanding what motivates them and how resilient they are. Understanding how and why they may react in a particular way and how they can adapt accordingly helps to develop a team into a truly effective one. 

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