Training with flowprofiler®

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Positive, personal and powerful, the flowprofiler® family of assessments and training develops emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation like never before. Our assessments and reports help users develop personal excellence in the workplace, whatever the day throws at them.
training with flowprofiler

flowprofiler® offers the latest research and thought leadership in the fields of motivation, resilience, emotional and social intelligence. We support our clients with a portfolio of assessments, reports and associated training courses. Together, these give organisations the ability to truly understand their people. The flexibility of our portfolio allows us to design tailored solutions that meet the needs of your strategic objectives.

How Training with flowprofiler® Develops Excellence in the Workplace

flowprofiler® is a highly adaptable and flexible tool for the workplace. It enables you to develop your people to create stronger, all-round performers. Designed for use in both recruitment and development it highlights your potential over and underused areas, thereby offering a clear focus for development.

The training provided around the flowprofiler® family is rich in content and focused on delivering:

  • Employee engagement through motivation, self-awareness, self-regulation and increased social intelligence.
  • Organisational resilience through developing personal resilience and motivation; providing strategies to thrive and innovate whatever the challenges.
  • Strong leadership behaviours through self-awareness, self-regulation, relationship building, resilience and motivation.
  • Employee well-being by developing the emotional intelligence and personal resilience of individuals.
  • Focus on people to make your organisation the employer of choice and to create a sustainable, resilient human resource plan.

flowprofiler® training workshops add depth to the assessment tools, to maximise their impact in your teams. You can discover your assessment results and what they mean, while exploring ways to develop and use them to achieve better results in the workplace. They all make great team workshops by developing relationships and providing better engagement at work.

the emotional intelligence advantage with eqflow® is for teams and individuals who want to take professional development to the next level. It provides unique insights that will benefit every current or potential leader while curating talent throughout the organisation.

A fabulous team day, the emotional intelligence advantage with eqflow® is available as a full or ½ day workshop. It starts with the individuals’ results then works towards creating a profile unique to your team with clear actions that will develop emotional and social intelligence across your workplace.

the resilience advantage with resilienceflow® helps teams and individuals to understand their resilienceflow® results in greater depth. It provides them with the opportunity to explore and develop their own resilience both day-to-day and under pressure.

This full day or ½ day workshop gives real insight into how to better deal with stress levels in the workplace ad to embrace professional development opportunities.

the motivation advantage with motivationflow® is ideal for organisations who wish to develop a well-motivated workplace culture. Run as either a full or ½ day workshop, teams and individuals are able to identify what they need to stay motivated, be better engaged and become more self-sufficient. motivationflow® is the foundation from which you can develop motivation in your organisation.

Everyone deserves the chance to develop personal excellence in the workplace. flowprofiler® training provides your people with the insight to make positive changes to their behaviours and to thrive at work. It supports growth and development at every level of your organisation. These training opportunities will ensure you gain maximum reward from your investment in the flowprofiler® family.

For more information or to request a demo, contact Holst on or +44 (0) 203 111 9292.

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