NEW: the flowprofiler® Role Reviewer™

The flowprofiler® Role Reviewer™ enables recruiters to quickly identify which flowprofiler® assessments will help them to make accurate hiring decisions.

flowprofiler role reviewer

With recruiters reporting that they are receiving hundreds of applications for just a handful of vacancies, it’s important to have the right tools to sift through the stack of highly qualified candidates. While it’s easy to sift on the basis of actual qualifications, it’s more of a challenge to identify candidates with the right ‘soft skills’ that are impossible to glean from a CV or application form.

This where it is important to have the right assessment tools to quickly and accurately narrow your talent pool into a manageable shortlist.

New: the flowprofiler® Role Reviewer™

Psychometrics are hugely successful in identifying the personality traits needed for a role. flowprofiler® adds another level to candidate screening by establishing the level of emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation that the role you are recruiting for requires before the recruitment campaign begins.

To help recruiters take their candidate selection process to the next level, new from flowprofiler® is the Role Reviewer™. This unique document enables recruiters to identify which of the flowprofiler® assessments is best suited to achieving a successful hire.

Use the flowprofiler® Role Reviewer™ to help add depth to your job specifications, descriptions and adverts to accurately assess your candidates for the emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation that your roles require.  

The Role Reviewer™ allows recruiters to:

  • Define the requirements of the role.
  • Write the (or update an existing) Job Description taking into account the skills that role requires.
  • Gain consensus from the stakeholders who will be connected to the role.

Self-awareness and self-regulation are key to success

Self-awareness and self-regulation is crucial to a successful hire. Using the flowprofiler® Role Reviewer™, recruiters can work with stakeholders to establish what level of self-awareness and self-regulation is appropriate for the role at the first stage of the recruitment campaign.

The Role Reviewer™ specifically helps in the areas of aptitude, approach on the job and the attitude the candidate displays.


  • Skills
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • IQ/mental agility


  • Behaviour
  • Team fit
  • Leadership style


  • Willingness
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Values

From the results of the Role Reviewer™ you’ll know which of the flowprofiler® assessments are best suited to the role you are recruiting for.

Recruit for personal excellence™

Emotional and social intelligence, resilience and motivation are core skills in today’s workplace. Including assessment for and ongoing development in these vital skills will help to ensure that your new hires and internal promotions drive success across your organisation.  Contact us for a free trial of flowprofiler® to find out how it will take your recruitment and selection process to the next level. 

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