Be a Certified Trainer with Holst

Being a Certified Trainer means you bring awesome courses to your clients.

Become a Certified Trainer with Holst and add great training courses to your portfolio. At the same time bring terrific value to your organisation or clients. Our courses are all licensed by the owner and developers of the materials.

As a Certified Trainer you will:

  • Follow their international guidelines on how to teach their courses.
  • Use authorised materials and;
  • Buy licensed materials for use with your own participants.

Our trainer certifications will not teach you how to become a trainer; they focus on how to present the courses you are qualifying for.

Become a certified trainer
                 Our Trainer Certification Process (Copyright Holst)

Your certification will give you the skills and confidence you need to be great at the front of the room.

An experienced Master Trainer will mentor you through the training certification process and be available to support you as you get up and running. You will receive a Certified Trainer Kit complete with slides, notes, and other learning aids.

We always recommend you choose courses which excite you. You will do a great job if you enjoy what you are training others to do.

Our Trainer Certifications

Our certifications for Psychometric Tests qualifies you to train others in the technical skills needed to interpret McQuaig tests. Certifications in communication skills training provide you with options for verbal communication skills and written communications skills.

We love bringing our clients great courses and you will too with our thinking and creativity courses. Edward de Bono is synonymous with the Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking, and you can become a Certified Trainer in both. Our creativity and thinking trainer certification choices don’t stop with Edward de Bono. Perhaps Creative Teams is a better fit for your business.

Facilitation skills are the cornerstone of effective meetings and our thinking and creativity courses  are a great place to start. Perhaps you are training inexperienced facilitators? As a Certified Trainer in Facilitation Basics, you can help new facilitators start their journey and help build their confidence in running sessions. More information can be found on our facilitation skills trainer certification page.

As a Certified Trainer of our self and team development portfolio, you will present training courses derived from our McQuaig Tests and the McQuaig Self Development Survey. Our team course, Effective Teams, helps your people understand how to better respect each other’s strengths and work better together. Effective You! focuses on the individual and how to leverage individual strengths and manage limitations.

Whether you are a freelance or in-house trainer, you will join an international team of professionals when you become a Certified Trainer with Holst.


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