New Development Programmes for your HR Framework

Bring an innovative approach to your strategy for leadership and team development, recruitment and succession planning with Holst's new development programmes.

Development programmes

Strong workplace relationships are the glue that binds teams, their leaders and new recruits together. Even the strongest relationships benefit from intervention over time to develop and adjust as people move around an organisation.

New team members and leaders, whether due to an external or internal move, need strong teams that communicate, work well together and welcome newcomers. These are teams that encourage the best from everyone. For their part, newcomers must fit the bill. They must possess the right skills, or be on a managed pathway to achieve them.

New development programmes from Holst

We have a series of 10-step development programmes which we can tailor to fit into any HR framework. Each programme begins with value mapping to focus on the skills that your organisation requires, training for your HR team and ongoing support through the process.

  • Leadership Development with flowprofiler®
  • Team Development with flowprofiler®
  • Recruitment with flowprofiler®
  • Succession Planning with flowprofiler®

Leadership Development with flowprofiler®

  • Continual learning through online flowprofiler® dimension labs
  • Regular business coaching over nine months
  • Training and support for your HR team to administer the program and monitor the results

Team development with flowprofiler®

  • Focus on emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation or a combination of these skills
  • Full day and half day team facilitation and feedback options
  • Support to create an ongoing action plan with further interventions as required

Recruiting with flowprofiler®

  • Suitable for both internal and external (agency) recruiters
  • Define the needs of the role
  • Create the benchmark and assess against it
  • Interview in controlled conditions using an interview report to reduce bias and ‘in own image’ hiring

Succession Planning with flowprofiler®

  • Learn what makes top performers ‘great’
  • Agree the benchmark with stakeholders
  • Identify and assess potential internal candidates
  • Create an ongoing plan of development and positive interventions to develop your stars

Professional development with flowprofiler® benefits the whole person

These development programmes are for the whole employee life-cycle. Yet they do more than just address performance at work, now and in the future. By focusing on emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation, you can develop the whole person.

The lessons individuals learn through exposure to flowprofiler® assessments, coaching and training will continue into their life well beyond the desk. They will gain the skills to make better decisions, to be more emotionally and socially aware and to regulate their responses to triggers. Development with flowprofiler® focuses on their well-being rather than how to squeeze more out of them. This ultimately feeds back into their performance and happiness at work.

Recruiting and career management with flowprofiler® helps to ensure the right people are in the right roles, with the right skills to be successful and thrive. You may identify a good performer who with work on their resilience becomes a great performer, able to better weather setbacks. Or, a terrific salesperson who with more emotional intelligence is able to move into a leadership role and manage a team with newfound empathy.

We can all improve. Positive interventions could be game-changers for your organisation.

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