The Journey from Value to Outcome

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Never has the journey from Value to Outcome been so important. We face the need to quickly create a new normal in our organisations. While this appears daunting, it’s actually a terrific opportunity to throw your existing values rule book out of the window and start over.

People under Pressure

Never has the journey from Value to Outcome been so important. We are facing the need to quickly create a new normal in our organisations, and while this appears daunting, it’s actually a terrific opportunity to throw your existing rule book out of the window and start over.

There is much talk of creating a values-based culture where people can thrive, but where to start? The answer begins in defining the values which are crucial to the desired outcome. And, values which actually appear relevant to those who will action them. Throughout the 1990s, values were everywhere – on lanyards, big posters berating staff as they entered their office, promo materials.

But did the values really touch the consciousness of the customer support teams and engineers who they were supposed to motivate? Did these values mean anything to them in their workplace? Probably not, and in the meantime, a few organisational consultants did rather well out of the gig and some tick boxes were ticked. With budgets scaled back, we expect more bang for our buck these days – we expect measurable results on the investment we make.

What are Organisational Values?

They are whatever your organisation needs them to be to create success. Frequently cited values include integrity, ethics, innovation, drive and respect. But the list is endless and some values will be more relevant than others to different people. 

We’d suggest that integrity and ethics are required across the board, but drive? Not all job roles require a driven personality – some roles will be better suited to less driven and more patient or reliable personalities (the McQuaig Job Survey®️ will give you this answer). Therefore, leaning heavily on DRIVE as a core value, is going to steer those people from your culture. Position your values well and the journey towards developing a culture based on these values which achieves the desired outcome for your organisation will be clearer for your people to understand and most importantly, buy into.

The Journey from Value to Outcome

It’s one thing to define organisational values at a senior level, it’s quite another to meet them at the coal-face, especially if their delivery is staged or formulaic. The values you define must have relevance to those they apply to and be delivered constructively with practical application in the workplace as the desired goal.

We believe that most organisational values can be achieved by practical team and individual development in three key areas:

When you develop the emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation of your people, you create stronger, all round performers. With these skills they are better equipped to work together with greater self awareness and crucially self-regulation in challenging times or when under pressure. If we take the earlier mentioned values of integrity, ethics, innovation, drive and respect as examples, it’s easy to see how emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation are the foundation cornerstones of these values. 

For example, resilience and motivation are key to innovation and drive – think of the Edison quote “I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” The sheer embodiment of resilience and motivation. And here, even those who are less overtly driven, and perhaps recognise little similarity with their high-octane colleagues, can understand how increased personal motivation and resilience will benefit their own patient personalities.

Another example, improved EQ is crucial to integrity and respect. It’s here that an organisation can make a quick win in the Value – Outcome journey. With insight into their social awareness, regard for others and ability to self-regulate, people can make small changes that can have a disproportionately big positive impact, not only on their own productivity but also on those around them.

Use flowprofiler®️ to embed your Values for a Successful Outcome

flowprofiler®️ assessments deliver unparalleled insights into the resilience, motivation and emotional intelligence of your teams and individuals regardless of their personality type, seniority or job role. When teamed with bespoke coaching and (post C-19) training workshops, flowprofiler®️ will enable your organisation to effectively coalesce under your defined values to naturally form a culture that will achieve your desired outcomes.  

To find out more about using McQuaig and flowprofiler®️ to deliver your values, contact us using the form below or call 0203 111 9292.

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