Add RapidConsensus™ Facilitation Skills to Your Toolkit

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For meetings where you need to find agreement on the best way forward, RapidConsensus™ is unparalleled.

Rapid Consensus

Facilitation skills are essential for any team leader, department head and all the way up to the C-suite. But as no two meetings are the same, you need a range of tools in your facilitation skillset.

For idea generation, Six Thinking Hats® or Lateral Thinking are the ‘go-to’ facilitation tools of choice. But, for meetings where you need to find agreement on the best way forward, RapidConsensus™ is unparalleled.

Imagine a meeting with multiple stakeholders of varying levels of seniority. Each with their own strong agenda, wants and needs. There are likely to be conflicting personalities, maybe even some scores to settle. That’s a pretty daunting, albeit common, scenario for the facilitator who must bring them together.

However, the role of the facilitator is to make sure that all the stakeholders are heard and respected, without imposing their own opinions. No one should be shouted down or crowded out. The quietest in the room, may have the most to offer. In scenarios such as this, speed is often of the essence. Get in. Get consensus. Get a plan of action. Get out.

But to do this, the facilitator needs a robust toolkit. A tool which gives the facilitator the framework to allow freedom at the table. The Four Seasons Model as taught in RapidConsensus™ excels in this. It’s simple to learn and very easy to replicate in real life situations, time after time.  It’s highly effective in reducing meeting time, creating the conditions for consensus  and triggering intelligent action. Group participants leave feeling energised by the decision making process and crucially with ownership of the agreed action.

Developing your facilitation skills takes just one day with RapidConsensus™. Call us on 0203 111 9292 to find out more about RapidConsensus™ and our range of other facilitation skills workshops.

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