Bespoke Development Programmes from Holst

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Inject fresh energy into your leadership, team, recruitment and succession planning strategies with new development programmes from Holst.

new from holst

The pandemic has given the chance to review and refresh how we recruit, develop and retain the people who can drive organisations forward with vigour, innovation and purpose. The era of burning the candle at both ends and existing only for their jobs is gone. We know that success can only happen when organisations put the well-being of their people first. Look after your people, and they will look after the business.

We’ve developed new tailored programmes focusing on Recruitment, Succession Planning, Leadership and Teams. We know that organisations want to put their leaders and teams through robust development programmes that yield measurable results and deliver outcomes which meet organisational objectives. This requires a carefully planned strategy of assessment, training, ongoing learning, coaching and re-assessment, delivered in a single coherent programme. A framework on which organisations can not only talk about but actually measure success.

Our New Development Programmes

We have new simple-to-implement robust programmes. These draw on our decades of experience in professional development with clients across the world.

Leadership with flowprofiler®

This programme is based on ten steps which includes flowprofiler®, ongoing learning and regular business coaching. We begin by mapping the values and skills on which your organisation wishes to focus. This starts with identifying the leaders in your organisation who you believe have potential to successfully lead . We train and support your HR team through the process to enable them to administer, interpret and feedback the assessments and support the leaders.

The assessments reveal the strengths and areas for development. Throughout the programme, your leaders attend online flowprofiler® dimension labs and engage in strategic business coaching to work on the dimensions highlighted by their assessment.

At the end of nine months, the leaders go through assessment once more to measure their progress and gain the insights to make a further plan of action for their continual development.

Team Development with flowprofiler®

Team development with flowprofiler® begins with value mapping to focus on the skills you wish to develop. We support your HR team with training that will enable them to administer, interpret and feedback flowprofiler® reports to your teams. Using eqflow®, resilienceflow® or motivationflow® the programme begins by revealing the strengths and areas for development in your teams. These insights provide the data to work on in team facilitation sessions, available in half and full day options.

Following the facilitation sessions, the HR team is able to formulate an action plan to meet organisational objectives.

Recruiting & Succession Planning with flowprofiler®

We focus on your key organisational objectives and offer a tailored approach to both recruitment and succession planning. We support the HR team with the appropriate training depending on whether the focus is on external recruitment, succession planning or both.

Where the focus is on external recruitment, we work with the recruiter to determine the needs of the role first. This will involve the input of stakeholders to benchmark the role and identify which of the assessment tools is appropriate. Using the benchmark, the recruiter compares the candidates’ results and with the assessment’s interview report can effectively progress to the interview and eventually offer stages.

Where the aim is to embed succession planning in your organisation, it’s necessary to identify your current top performers to create a benchmark of what success looks like. Using this benchmark, you are able to assess those who you feel have the potential to be successful future leaders and top performers. You’ll discover where they are particularly strong, and what requires development to support individuals, to enable them to progress to a senior position. In effect, you’ll be able to identify and develop your future stars ensuring continuity for your organisation.

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