Your Financial Literacy Guilty Secret

Your Financial Literacy Guilty Secret

financially literate from Colour Accounting from Holst

Imagine the scene, you’re at the annual company conference. Everything’s going well. You’re basking in your success. Then somebody starts talking about their P&L ….

Perhaps you’re the branch manager in a chain of estate agents or coffee shops. You’ve been promoted up through the ranks because you are excellent at selling houses or managing your catering supplies. You’re great at motivating your team & you regularly hit the top on customer service feedback. The problem is, you have no idea what that spreadsheet means and *whispers* too afraid to say so. It’s not your fault. None of us were taught basic accounting in school. Geometry and algebra, yes. But basic accounts didn’t make it on to the syllabus. Many are able to blag it with their fingers firmly crossed, hoping for the best. Success in other areas can cover up a multitude of sins. And yes, perhaps you can scrape by on what you’ve gleaned over time, but imagine what could be if you were truly financially literate. You’re not alone either. You might think that everyone around you is in perfect control of their financials. But the chances are they’re no more certain than you. And you’d be surprised what knowledge gaps even the most experienced senior managers have in their financial skillset. So, what next? First step, take a deep breath & decide to become financially literate. Next step, book here. Or give us a call to find out more. We promise a day of Colour Accounting™ will be a day you’ll never regret spending. Colour Accounting™ is our financial literacy course. Interactive, visual, engaging. [traininglist slug=”colour-accounting-normal”]  ]]>

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