Webinar Review: Crack Business Finance Jargon

Webinar Review: Crack Business Finance Jargon

Business Finance Jargon from Colour Accounting from Holst

Last week, we aired our webinar ‘Crack Business Finance Jargon!’ with Colour Accounting Trainer Adam Wilkinson. Adam talked through the five secrets of financial literacy and the impact it can have on any organisation.

Here are a few highlights from the webinar:
  • Some people find finance difficult to understand.
This might be a perceived fear of numbers, a lack of technical knowledge or simply because the language can be so confusing. Yet with a little classroom learning and the visual, interactive framework of Colour Accounting anybody can learn to make sense of business finance.
  • Finance terms can be confusing.
While finance terms are clear to finance specialists, they are rather murky for the rest of us.  Several terms can mean the same thing. Some mean different things to different people.  Some even have a different meaning to what you will find in a dictionary!  It’s really no surprise that the language of finance is hard to understand.
  • The impact of financial illiteracy is significant.
Poor financial literacy leads to low engagement with finance teams. This in turn leads to inefficient finance and business decisions. These decisions could make all the difference between an organisation flourishing. Or folding.

 Watch a recording of the webinar here. Begin your journey towards Financial Literacy with Colour Accounting.

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