Think On Your Feet® & Supporting Change

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Think On Your Feet® & Supporting Change Think On Your Feet® is a two day workshop that shows you how to communicate with Clarity, Brevity and Impact™. This is whether you are put on the spot and have no time to prepare a message, you have a few minutes to get your thoughts together or you have plenty of time and have a longer more complex message. Here is the experience of one of our clients.

  • Background & Process

  • Benefits to Business & Individuals

  • The Results

Background & Process

A client was struggling with the distribution of ongoing change messages to over 4,000 managers and engineers. These were tough messages and their people were resistant to change. Crafting the message and planning its release was not enough. The Internal Communications Team realised there was a behavioural change that needed to take place within the organisation. This recognition was the turning point. Individuals needed the skills to own a message and have confidence when placed under fire by their subordinates and colleagues. Identifying the right audience for Think On Your Feet® was critical. Front line managers and senior managers attended the training. This:
  • Supported the behavioural change top down
  • Gave the management teams a common language
  • Skilled key people in the communication standards of the business
Over 400 individuals were trained over a 2.5 year period.

Benefits to the business

  • Change messages are consistent
  • The right messages are getting through to the engineering teams
  • There is one standard for the delivery of messages in the business
  • Managers are equipped to communicate up and down the organisational chart
  • Skills are also used in performance reviews, presentation skills, interview skills, team meetings, customer-facing situations
  • Meeting times are reduced

Benefits to the individual

  • A toolbox of positioning tools to enable confidence under pressure
  • Being able to deal with objection
  • Personal Development
  • Understanding how to motivate and deliver tough messages
  • A clear understanding of business expectations
  • Receiving clear messages from the business in a format they are familiar with

The Results

  • Communication has scored higher than any other department over the last 5 years as measured by their internal climate survey
  • Communication was identified as one of the biggest and most valued improvements within the business as measured by external consultants running 360 degree focus groups
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