de Bono: the word creativity is too broad

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creativity is too broad from Edward de Bono from Holst

As I have mentioned so often the word ‘creativity’ in English is too broad and ranges from creating a mess to painting a masterpiece.

The emphasis is on ‘bringing something about’. At the same time repetition does not qualify. So there is an element of ‘new’. The element of change is not sufficiently covered. Nor is there creativity if there is perception – the way you choose to look at things in different ways.

Creativity is too broad.

There is also the problem that for some people creativity means different for the sake of difference – with no other value. Further the word ‘creative’ describes a result not a process. That is why there was a need for the term ‘lateral thinking‘ – which is also directly related to the way the brain forms asymmetric patterns. [traininglist slug=”lateral-thinking”] [traininglist slug=”six-thinking-hats-accreditation-3-days”] [traininglist slug=”six-thinking-hats”] [traininglist slug=”lateral-thinking-2-days”] [traininglist slug=”power-of-perception”] [traininglist slug=”power-of-perception-2-days”] [traininglist slug=”focus-on-facilitation”]  ]]>

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