The key to interview success – a firm handshake?

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Some interesting new research has highlighted the impact a firm handshake has on interview success.  We know that the first few minutes with someone has a disproportionate influence on us in terms of an ultimate decision.  This research shows that even a handshake can subconsciously influence us. We are so easily influenced subconsciously that it is critical we have as much objectivity as possible in the recruitment process.  This is where something like The McQuaig Psychometric System™ can be so important.  It enables you to build a benchmark temperament profile for the role and then compare each candidate with this.  The System also produces behavioural interview questions to help effectively probe a candidates past behaviour which is always the best indication of how they will do things for you. A firm handshake is certainly an asset but a dangerous one to a prospective new employer based on the illogical but significant impact it makes on our decision.  Jim Collins in Good to Great says it is critical to get “the right people on the bus and in the right seats” – but not all the people with the best handshakes!]]>

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