Sustainability at the Heart of Holst

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Not only do we look to help clients achieve a sustainable and effective workplace, we also want make our own efforts environmentally sustainable.


Sustainable Paperwork

We’re making the move towards using only FSC approved products. Currently celebrating 25 years of making a difference, the Forest Stewardship Council® improves forestry practices worldwide through it’s voluntary, market-based approach. Where you see the FSC logo, you know that the paper products are made from materials from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources. 

While we strive to reduce our overall paper footprint, training workbooks and brochures remain an essential part of our business. Committing to using paper products from trusted FSC approved sources means that we can keep our impact on the environment to the minimum.

Sustainable Homework

Most of the team at Holst work from home at least one day each week. That cuts the  environmental impact of our commute by 20% without sacrificing quality of service or commitment to our clients. It also feeds into achieving a sustainable work/life balance.

Sustainable Teamwork

Being part of a creative team means that we always share our latest ideas on creating a sustainable environment. That could be anything from Vanessa’s incredible homemade soaps and skincare products to awesome and thrifty vegetarian bean chilli, perfect for lunches and with a fraction of the waste of a ready made product. 

Sustainable Training

While we can’t see a future where classroom learning is entirely obsolete, we understand that online learning is increasingly popular and a great fit for some of our workshops. That’s why we now offer the McQuaig Level 1 Certificate and flowprofiler interpreter training workshops online in two sessions. This removes impact from travel and the resources needed for physical workbooks.

Being the curious and innovative sorts that we are, we’re always on the look out for new ways to create sustainability. What do you do?

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