How to communicate with your finance team

Speak ‘Finance’ fluently – How to communicate with your finance team Speak finance fluently with Colour Accounting from Holst

Finance communication with your team needs to be timely and clear if it’s to make a difference. Strategies for growth, new invoicing policies or increased pricing all require clear articulation of ideas, but if you’re not a numbers person what’s the best way to go about it?

1. Prepare what you’re going to say Even if you don’t understand the financial jargon, preparation is key to clearly communicating what you have in mind. Ask your accountant to explain certain principles, and check that your idea is good before putting it to colleagues. 2. In plenty of time Timely communication lets the team prepare for any changes, ensuring that plans aren’t compromised through lack of time. 3. Financial literacy training One of the best investments you can make. Not that we’re biased, but training courses that join up the financial dots and teach you how your business runs, make a fundamental difference to your own confidence and that of your team. 4. Inclusivity Sharing your initial thoughts about business growth or a change in financial strategy will keep your finance team involved and engaged. Allow them to have their say, and contribute ideas to long-term plans. We can help you speak confidently with your finance team. Colour Accounting™ is a fun and engaging financial literacy training courses.  It’s hands-on not just theory, so you’ll get a practical idea of all the finance topics you need to run a successful business. Just click here to sign up. [traininglist slug=”colour-accounting-normal”]  ]]>

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