Perception and Thinking are closely linked

Perception and Thinking from Edward de Bono from HolstPerception is the meaning we make of different information that comes in, based on how we are looking at it. Different people perceive reality in different ways based on their interpretations. Thinking is working with our perceptions in different ways based on our needs and goals. The most common definition of thinking is that it is a logical process based on moving forward step by step to some sort of conclusion. When two people perceive things differently, they can reach very different conclusions even using the same thinking process. For example, imagine that you see a young woman running down the street screaming. Then you see a man running behind her, holding a stick. You think about the situation and conclude that the man is trying to harm the woman and the woman is trying to escape from the man. But another observer, from a different vantage point, can see a large dog with bared fangs running after the man and woman. This person concludes the man and the woman are both running from the dog. It has been found that as much as 90% of the errors made by people taking tests are errors of perception, rather than errors of logic. Perception is a very important part of thinking. Those who learn to manage perception become more powerful thinkers. Edward de Bono’s The Power of Perception ™ gives you 10 simple strategies for sharpening your perception and focusing your thinking in a more comprehensive, effective, and efficient way. PoP ™ will enable you to have a broad and inclusive viewpoint. The tools create a framework for defining a situation. That framework will improve your ability to consider consequences before you take action.   Edward de BonoDr Edward de Bono is a world leading authority on thinking skills. Creator of the famous Six Thinking Hats ®, Lateral Thinking, The Power of Perception™ and many other workshops he has authored over 80 books published in 35 languages. Holst is Dr Edward de Bono’s partner in Europe. Click here for more information about Dr de Bono and his tools. Would you like to change how people think? Consider adding Dr Edward de Bono’s tools to your portfolio and become a certified de Bono trainer. [traininglist slug=”power-of-perception-2-days”] [traininglist slug=”power-of-perception”] [traininglist slug=”six-thinking-hats-accreditation-3-days”] [traininglist slug=”six-thinking-hats”] [traininglist slug=”lateral-thinking”] [traininglist slug=”focus-on-facilitation”]  ]]>

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