Introducing flowprofiler® dimension labs

Take the time to reflect on and develop your personal effectiveness across emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation with flowprofiler® dimension labs.

Introducing flowprofiler® Dimension Labs

What are dimensions?

Think of dimensions as the elements which make up a person’s emotional intelligence, resilience or motivation.

  • Emotional intelligence: self-confidence, emotional awareness, emotional regulation, regard for others, social awareness.
  • Resilience: perseverance, self-esteem, adaptability, assertiveness, optimism, unbiased.
  • Motivation: collaboration, recognition, autonomy, growth, reward, well-being, purpose.

The approach from flowprofiler® is that these are skills in which we can identify underuse and overuse. They can be developed for greater effectiveness in the workplace.

What are flowprofiler® dimension labs?

flowprofiler® dimension labs are one hour online sessions led by our Master Trainer, Sara Jobson. Each flowprofiler® dimension lab focuses on a single dimension. The session explores that dimension and how it manifests in behavioural terms.

  • What is the dimension?
  • Why that dimension is important in the workplace
  • How to improve the dimension

The flowprofiler® dimension labs sessions are reflective rather than interactive. We recognise that this is a deeply personal experience and individuals may not want to share what they have not yet fully digested or understood about themselves. During the session individuals are invited to reflect and consider the dimensions at a personal level in the pursuit of their own personal excellence.

The flowprofiler® dimension labs break down the areas of emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation into bite-size chunks that are easy to digest over the course of several sessions. The aim of the flowprofiler® dimension labs is to give practical and actionable steps for an individual to work on following the session and in tandem with their own flowprofiler® report.

To be clear, flowprofiler® dimension labs are not a form of therapy. They are rather a practical workplace solution to help those who wish to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.

“flowprofiler® dimension labs are a ‘pick & mix’ of practical tools that will work for you.“

Who are flowprofiler® dimension labs for?

flowprofiler® dimension labs are for anyone who has taken a flowprofiler® assessment and is keen to use their results to develop their emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation at work. However, by working on your ‘at work’ emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation, we believe it is inevitable that you will see where you can make improvements in other areas of life. If you are new to the flowprofiler® family of assessments training and coaching, flowprofiler® dimension labs are a great way to gain a deep understanding of the dimensions that flowprofiler® measures.

Not only do the flowprofiler® dimension labs help to work on your own dimensions, but they will also help you to better understand what makes your colleagues tick and therefore help you to develop stronger workplace relationships through greater social awareness.

flowprofiler® dimension labs can be used as part of an ongoing professional development or coaching programme. They are standalone units, but participants will gain most value if they attend a full series.

How to attend flowprofiler® dimension labs

Book your place or use the form below for more information. Or, call us on 0203 111 9292 to speak to one of the team.

Register your interest for upcoming flowprofiler® dimension labs here:

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