Don't Let Cash Flow Catch You Out

cash flow from Colour Accounting from Holst

All too often business people with terrific ideas and outstanding marketing strategies fall foul of one thing.  Not enough money.

It’s not that their product or service isn’t viable or selling, it’s just that they have failed to get enough cash in to fund the business and hit a very large brick wall. That’s down to cash flow.

Cash flow.

So what happens next?  They either go begging to the television Dragons (who roll their eyes mercilessly, as if this has never happened to them) or they fold.  Or, they learn.  We’ve got a great guide for you to download that will teach you the basics.  You’ll also find out how it fits into your balance sheet and P&L. Discover even more with our one-day financial literacy training workshop Colour Accounting™.]]>

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