Case Study: Oneserve and flowprofiler®

How Oneserve uses flowprofiler® to build resilience, develop motivation and drive success across the organisation.

As a long-time client of ours, we were delighted when Kim Crump at Oneserve explained that she wanted to address resilience in the workplace. We felt confident that flowprofiler®, a psychometric tool which measures emotional intelligence and motivation as well as resilience, would meet Oneserve’s objectives.

After joining Oneserve as Human Resources Business Partner in June 2020, Kim had identified that self-esteem was low and that Oneserve’s ‘go–getter’ energy was missing from the organisation. Through the use of flowprofiler® assessments and coaching, Kim has noticed a significant shift in Oneserve’s leaders.

“[flowprofiler® has] made them more confident and mature in the way in which they lead their teams.”

Oneserve uses flowprofiler® in three key areas

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Development
  • Management of hybrid working

Key points of the Oneserve - flowprofiler® case study

  • Development of confidence and mature behaviour
  • Identify appropriate reward and recognition strategies
  • Help leaders to motivate, manage and set objectives
  • Make more considered recruitment decisions

The future with flowprofiler®

Having experienced a positive impact of flowprofiler®, Kim is keen to further expand on its uses within Oneserve.

“The insights that flowprofiler® provides across the whole of the organisation is going to help us put strategies in place as to what reward and recognition frameworks we need to manage, retain our staff and be a destination employer.”

flowprofiler® it isn’t just for leadership development or senior recruitment. It’s a tool which provides valuable insights for new hires, long-standing employees and everyone in between. It empowers each individual with the information they need to become the best version of themselves at work.

Contact us to learn how flowprofiler® supports the development of a healthy and productive workplace culture.

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