7 Written Communication Tips For International Audiences

Global written communications from Holst from Writing Dynamics7 Written Communication Tips For International Audiences Written communication is the most formal form of communication and therefore needs great attention to detail. When writing to an international audience, you must be extra meticulous and culturally sensitive. 1. Use titles and avoid names Some cultures consider using first names disrespectful. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and address a person with a salutation such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc. 2. Use non-sexist language Job titles like manager, doctor, pilot, lawyer etc. are non- sexist and should be preferred to using sexist words and phrases such as chairman, salesman, workman etc. 3. Avoid slang and unfamiliar jargon If you must use jargon, explain its proper meaning. The last thing you want is to confuse your reader. Your message should be easy to understand and straight to the point. 4. Keep the content concise and simple Avoid wordy phrases and long sentences. Your meaning might get lost if your message is long-winded. Be as clear as possible and use short sentences. 5. Avoid negative and strongly worded messages Modify your writing style and sentence structure according to the audience. Where western cultures respect directness, eastern cultures consider it rude. 6. Make requests and suggestions more indirect Avoid words and phrases that might be interpreted as rude or indifferent. Try to use respectful language such as thank you and please. This will open the reader up to a request rather than shut them down. 7. Writing is permanent so choose your words wisely Bear in mind that cultural mistakes made verbally may be forgotten but those made in writing are permanently recorded. If you keep these written communication tips in mind, you will be better able to convince and impress your international audience.   We offer a terrific 2-day workshop called Writing Dynamics™. Writing Dynamics™ will give you a writing system allowing you to get the best out of your business writing. Click here for more information. [traininglist slug=”writing-dynamics-2-day”]


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