3 Rules for Twitter Etiquette

Tweet from Writing Dynamics from HolstAre you a Twitter novice? Worried how Twitter etiquette differs from etiquette for other social media tools? While some Twitter rules are similar to those practiced for other popular social media sites, some things are uniquely Twitter. Here are a few Tweeting tips to help you make your way through the Twitterverse. 1. Use your hashtags moderately Hashtags are Twitter’s way of organising information. Each hashtag consists of a # symbol immediately followed by a string of characters (the tag). For instance, if someone was sharing a Tweet about having waffles for breakfast, they might use the hashtags #waffles and #breakfast. Likewise, their entire tweet might read, “Had #waffles this morning. #Breakfast of champions!” The thing with hashtags is that if you use too many they stop being handy and start being annoying. A general rule is to use no more than five hashtags per tweet. Some people like to use hashtags throughout their tweets (to conserve valuable character spaces) and some folks prefer to use hashtags at the end of their tweets. 2. Retweet generously Twitter users tend to follow and retweet those who retweet them. It’s a general rule of etiquette that’s easy to follow and makes sense. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 3. Don’t just retweet headlines – Interact and Engage An often-forgotten rule of Twitter etiquette is to do more than just retweet. If you really want to connect with other Twitter users, you need to have actual conversations, not just retweet (no matter how generously you do so). Not only does interaction invite other tweeters to join in on the conversation, it makes a real connection. Writing for Social Media is just one of the many tools covered in our terrific workshop, Writing Dynamics â„¢. Writing Dynamics â„¢ gives you a writing system which allows you to get the best out of your business writing. [traininglist slug=”writing-dynamics-1-day”]]]>

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