What makes a great accountant?

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What makes a great accountant?


Finance is vital for growing and expanding your business. The right accountant will be an integral member of your team, contributing significantly to the success of your business.

For a small business, an accountant is one of your most important early hires. But, if you haven’t yet found your ideal accountant what should you be looking for? Let’s take a look at a few of the ideal personality traits and skills you should be looking for in your next star-performer:

On-Board With Your Vision. It goes without saying that your accountant needs to be great with finances, but they also need to have bought into your vision for the business. They must be excited about turning your vision into reality using all the financial tools at their disposal.

Relevant Business Experience. An accountant who has experience working with other businesses of a similar size to your own, particularly ones that have gone on to grow, will understand better the financial issues that affect your business.

There’s no I in Team. Cliché but true. The early hires you make have a significant impact on your company culture. Your team will work better if your accountant is personable and gets on well with everyone.

The Ability to Say No. A great accountant is there to help you grow – but they should also protect you from disaster. You must choose someone who can stand up for their opinion and explain when a particular strategy may take the business down a poor financial path. Discover the finance fundamentals you need to know to help make your business a great business with our one-day financial literacy training workshop Colour Accounting™.

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