Course in Creativity from HolstThe Course in Creativity™ brings Edward de Bono’s most popular tools together.

The Course in Creativity™ combines Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking courses into one great training experience. Participants improve their team-working skills and learn how to generate breakthrough ideas.

This course is the basis of true innovation. It provides delegates with the tools needed to map complex thinking and generate new exciting outcomes. You will learn techniques to evaluate and refine your ideas to make them practical. This will give you the best chance at true innovation.

In-house courses are flexible. The course can be delivered in a two or three day format. It can also be extended over time to embed learning and give your people a chance to practice in the workplace. You will learn to use Dr. de Bono’s powerful methods. We suggest you choose to work on live and relevant business issues to get the most from your training.

These thinking methods are like ‘software for the mind’. The applications are endless for individual, team, and organisational use. A Course in Creativity™ brings game changing thinking skills to your business.

Most businesses expect ‘creativity on demand’ from their employees. Few actually teach their people how to produce quality, well rounded thinking.


  • Solve problems faster and smarter.
  • Turn problems into opportunities.
  • Think ‘outside the box’. On demand.

Why is the Course in Creativity™ different?

Most creativity courses focus on short creativity techniques. The Course in Creativity™ goes much further. It teaches tools to help you through the full innovation process. This covers all aspect of the process.

1. Set your focus.

2. Generate ideas.

3. Evaluate ideas.

4. Refine.

5. Implement to innovate.

The Six Thinking Hats helps organisations make better decisions and reduce conflict. Meetings are shorter and more productive. Decision-making is more effective. People are engaged.

Lateral Thinking dramatically increases the number of new and practical ideas produced. Your people will have the techniques to constructively challenge current thinking. They will have the tools to be creative when you need it most.  Uses might include: creating new products, processes or services. The Lateral Thinking techniques teach your people to attack problems with better ideas.

Participants will:

  • Vastly increase ideas.
  • Be creative when it is needed most.
  • Attack problems with more and better ideas for immediate results.
  • Create an attitude and real atmosphere of entrepreneurship.
  • Solve problems.
  • Make higher quality decisions.
  • Reduce conflict.

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Dr. Edward de Bono is a world famous thinker and widely regarded as the person who coined the term ‘Lateral Thinking’. He has written more than 70 books which have been translated into 43 languages.

Dr. de Bono was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2005. He is the leading authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation, and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. The Course in Creativity™ is one of his many courses.

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